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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Uprooting of tree at Paneri PS exposes 18th century cannon

Uprooting of tree at Paneri PS exposes 18th century cannon

The sudden uprooting of a hundred-year-old tree at the premises of Paneri police station in Udalguri district in Assam (India)has exposed the remains of a cannon believed to be of the 18th century.

The large tree at the premises of Paneri police station uprooted on July 12 at 7.37 am without any storm or rain. According to Thaneskwar Chutia, OC of Paneri police station, the diameter of the mouth of the cannon is eight inches and the length of the exposed portion is three feet. He felt another three feet might have remained underground.

People of the neighbouring areas have started pouring into Paneri to have a look at the object. It needs mention that Paneri police station was established in the 19th century during British rule and has been one of the oldest police stations in Assam.

The tragic part of the incident was the death of more than 200 bats which had been taking shelter in the tree. The uprooting of the tree has also rendered more than a 1000 bats homeless.

In the meantime, wildlife lovers have expressed sorrow at the death of so many bats of rare species. They lauded police and veterinary personal of Paneri for immediate arrangement of treatment to the injured bats. DN Hazarka, Circle Officer of Harisinga Revenue Circle (Tangla) visited the spot on July 13 for taking necessary action in the matter. He said to this correspondent that the matter had already been reported to the DC and SP of Udalguri district. People of Paneri, Tangla and Kalaigaon have urged the State Archaeology department to visit the site for investigation.

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