Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guwahati Planetarium upgraded to Digital Hybrid

Guwahati Planetarium was inaugurated on 17 August in 1994.The opto-mechanical instrumental system was then acquired through international bidding process was also the state-of-the-art system prevailing at that time.Guwahati planetarium has recently been upgraded to Hybrid digital type (first in India and second in Asia) with an amount of rupees six crore.The upgradation was supervised by Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC),Guwahati.The state-of-the-art Hybrid Planetarium System of GOTO,Japan consting of Chrones-II-optomachanical starfield projector which not only creates realistic sky but also millions of realistic stars generated through two powerful Digital Video System.
The Hybrid system in Guwahati Planetarium is Indias first ever venture.People will witness beautiful full dome video images never seen before in India.The show includes Guwahati city including Kamakhya temple,Bihu dance and mighty Brahmaputra river.People now can see details of the prominent stars and constellations visible from Guwahati.The show further explains scientific facts namely the Origin of the Universe,the Big Bang theory,Formation of Galaxies and our Solar System by using simultaneously Chronos II opto machinical projector and powerful digital video system.Other breathtaking Space Show namely-Cosmic Collisions will be the first time in India.Babul Bora,Curator of Guwahati planetarium told proudly that audiences would feel the ground shake beneath them as they are supposed to experience a thrilling recreation of the Meteorite impact that hastened the end of the Age of Dinosaurs millions years ago and cleared the way for mamals.Another dramatic sequence highlights a frightening future scenarion where humanity desperately attempts to divert the path of an oncoming “doomsday” asteroid headed on a collision course with Earth.Curator Babul Bora also remarked that such Hybrid show is not available in any planetarium in India.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Assam News - Community Online News Portal for Assam & the Northeast

The Assam News - Community Online News Portal for Assam & the Northeast

Two Peacock pairs roaming at Kalaigaon

501th birth anniversary of Chilarai observed at Kalaigaon (Assam)

The 501th birth anniversary of Mahavir Chilarai was celebrated at Kalaigaon (Assam)on February 18 and 19  with gaiety.The programme was organised at Tengabari Janata Bidyapith HS premises by All Assam Koch Rajbongshi Yuba Chatra Sanmilani in association with Udmari and Choudhuripara branch of the Sanmilan.Social worker of Kamarpara,Mukta Ram Deka,lighted the holy lamp on February 18 at 8 AM to mark the beginning of the two days celebration programme followed by hoisting of Sanmilan flags by Liladhar Barman and Satya Prasad Barua. At 9 AM,Chandra Kanta Saharia,Life Member of the Darrang Zilla Sanmilan  offered floral tribute to the image of Chilarai.On the concluding day on February 19,various programmes like plantation of trees,poster drawing and cultural competitions etc were arranged followed by the open session at 1 PM which was inaugurated by Biren Barman ,retired HM of Kalaigaon Girls MV School and presided over by Liladhar Barman.Maheswar Boro,MLA,Kalaigaon attended the open session as the chief guest.
Senior journalist and Advisor of Darrang district AJYCP,Dipendra Narayan Konwar, attending the open session as the appointed speaker highlighted the life and thoughts of Mahabir Chilarai.He also remarked that people of Assam including the Koch Rajbongshi community had failed to realised the great contributions of Mahabir Chilarai in the process of formation of a greater Assam.He criticised leaders and various organisations of the state for not taking up steps to project the bravery of Mahabir Chilarai to the world.Noted writer and bank officer Sanjay Kumar Tanti also attended the open session as the guest of honour.Thanking the organisers he said that it had been the policy of the British to disintegrate various ethnic groups of Assam for political purpose.Girls of Bhergaon Zilla Koch Rajbongshi Kristi Dal,Tangla under the direction of Ratan Deka,performed a few spectacular Koch Rajbongshi folk dace to the delight of the people pesent.Jagat Hazarika, president,Darrang Zilla Koch Rajbongshi Sanmilan,social worker and former Chief Engineer of Meghalaya Govt. Mukunda Ram Choudhuri;Mukul Barua, president, Darrang Zilla Koch Rajbongshi Yuba Chatra Sanmilan and Jayanta Kumar Das, District Coordinator,NCSC,Udalguri also spoke a few words on the occasion. Mahesh Deka,secretary,All Assam Koch Rajbongshi Yuba Chatra Sanmilan offered the vote of thanks at the end.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A beautiful small house


Aryabhatta Science competition at Tangla in Assam

A block level science based competition has been arranged at MVM (Maharishi Vidya Mandir)School,Tangla on January 31.Aryabhatta science Centre Kalaigaon Block,under the aegis of ASTEC (Assam Science Technology & Environment Council),Guwahati organised the programme in association with MVM,Tangla.Several hundred students and teachers from ten schools from Tangla and Kalaigaon,namely- Maharishi Vidya Mandir,Tangla; Jatiya Bidyalaya Asom,Tangla;Asom Academy,Tangla; Tangla HS School; Tangla English Medium HS; Arunodoi Academy,Tangla;Bholabari HS, Kalaigaon;Kalaigaon Girls HS;Kalaigaon Girls MV School and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,Kalaigaon participated in science based- poster drawing, extempore speech and science model competition.A total of 18 nos of spectacular science models were displayed by the students.

DN Hazarika,Circle Officer,Harisinga Revenue Circle,Tangla hoisted the Aryabhatta flag at 9 AM to mark the beginning of the competition.On the occasion he requested people particularly the students and teachers to take advantage of the latest electronic devices to enrich knowledge for welfare and development.Madhab Sarma,president ASC,Kalaigaon and principal of JNV,Kalaigaon formally inaugurated the open session at 12 AM,which was presided over by Rajashree Bora,principal,MVM,Tangla.Napoleon Daimari, principal, Arunodoi Academy,Tangla attended the session as the guest of honour.The coordinators of ASC,Kalaigaon felicitated him for sending as many as twenty numbers of science projects from his school to Udalguri district NCSC session,held at Ramswarup Agarwalla Memorial English School in October.2010.Child scientist Siba Boro of Tangla HS School was also felicitated at the session for his successful participation at the national level NCSC session in Chennai city in the month of December 2010 as a member of Assam child scientists' team.A few distinguished people namely- Golap Ahmed Hussain,Keshab Saharia,Naren Boro,Hemanta Deka etc also attendedn the open session as judges.

In science based extempore speech competition- Upamanyoo Das (Arunodoi Academy, Tangla) won first prize while Manoj Kumar Sarma (JNV,Kalaigaon) and Jayanta Debnath (Bholabari HS) won second and third prizes.In science based poster drawing competition Khanjan Das (Arunodoi Academy,Tangla) won first prize,while Dipanjay Deka (JNV, Kalaigaon ) and Nabajyi Rabha (MVM,Tangla) won second and third prizes. In the science based model competition- the model of recycling of waste plastic by Marjina Begum, Minjuara Begum and Nisha Moni Sarma (Bholabari HS) won first prize while the model showing effects of smoking by Chintumoni Chakravorty and Ankan Bhattacharya (MVM, Tangla) won second prize and model oil extracting plant by Aryan Deka and Nishanta Kalita (Tangla Eng.Medium HS) third prize.All the winners will take part in the district level science competition to be held at Udalguri in the month of February under the supervision of Udalguri district administration.