Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wild elephant tortured mercilessly .Rescued by district authority

Wild elephant tortured mercilessly.Rescued by district administration

:Shocking example of human cruelty, meted out to a eight years wild elephant at Surjyanagar,(Bethlehem Bagan) near Koramore under Harisinga Revenue circle (25 KM from Udalguri) has drawn animal lovers’ sharp criticism. The incident has revealed the seriousness of the on going man elephant conflict in Udalguri district. According to one eye witness of the incident, Nanda Ram Baro, owner of a mini private tea garden of No.1 Amjuli, an eight years old wild elephant of a roaming herd of 70 to 80 elephant accidentally consumed (?) three bags of urea at Leabiaral mini tea garden on the night of August 8 after damaging 12 nos of houses of the locality. According to him the elephant had mistaken the urea for common salt, causing it unconscious. Seeing the wild elephant in a helpless state the very next morning a large group of irate people had gathered round the animal on August 9 and started torturing the animal. Burnt tires were thrown at it; spears were put inside its ears and its tail was half cut. A few honest man of the locality, namely- BR Bhobra,(FR-1) ;Gaonburah of No.2 Ghagra village R.Thappa; ABSU president (Harisinga) Binanda Basumatari etc some how managed to save the life of the animal till the arrival of police on August 10.But it was severely wounded. According to them the irate people wanted to kill and eat the elephant in retaliation. On hearing the incident, DN Hazarika ,Circle Officer, Harisinga Revenue Circle (Tangla) had visited the place at 7 am on August 10 and informed the matter to DC and DFO of Udalguri. Thanks to timely action of SS Meenakhi Sundaram IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Udalguri, under whose direction a team of police and CRPF personal (F 9th BN) headed by Chakra Choudhuri, OC, Harisinga police out post ,arrived at the scene. The security force had a tough time to control the irate people who had gathered round the elephant. In the meantime at the direction of Bankim Sarma, DFO Dhansri division, Range Officer Haladhar Kalita and other forest personals along with Dr.KC Chamua,VAS,Tangla arrived at the site at 3 pm on August 10 for the treatment of the elephant.

When this correspondent arrived at the site at 2-30 pm, the elephant was seen standing under CRPF protection with grievous injury on its ear and tail, still surrounded by irate people. First aid was provided to it at 5 pm. But all efforts of hired forest “Kunki” elephant Bahadur went in vain to shift it towards safe place, as the elephant was unable to move. Although so much cruelty had been meted out to a helpless wild elephant; the sight of emotional village women offering prayer at the site, for the speedy recovery of the wild elephant was enough to justify humanity.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Rare bird rescued at Orangajuli near Indo-Bhutan border

Rare bird rescued at Orangajuli TE

One rare species of bird belonging to Cuckoo family has been rescued at Orangajuli tea estate (in Udalguri district,Assam in India) near India-Bhutan international border on the morning of August 7.Nature loving Ananta Bagh CEO of Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society, Nonaipara (near Indo-Bhutan border) had found the injured bird while he was traveling through the garden roads. The bird measuring 10 inches of length with one broken leg, was taken to the Gariajhar veterinary dispensary for treatment.In the absence of the doctor, other staff members arranged first aid to the bird before it was taken to Nonai forest Range Office.Range Officer,Haladhar Kalita received the injured bird. He thanked Ananta Bagh and assured him that proper treatment would be arranged before letting it go free. According to him,the bird belonged to cuckoo family. Journalist and lecturer of Tangla college,Debanga Mahaliya latter identified the bird to be a lesser cuckoo found in the Himalayan and Tibet region.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can planting of banana trees in the forest end man- elephant conflict?

Can planting of banana trees in the forest end man- elephant conflict? Yes, some people think so, and so offering hands of friendship, more than hundred members of Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society,Nonaipara ( an NGO formed for the protection of wild animals and birds particularly wild elephants) along with locals have started planting banana trees in the Samrang forest,near Indo-Bhutan international border in Udalguri district.The areas of plantation belong to Khalingduar Reserve Forest under Dhansri Division.It needs mention that man-elephant conflict has taken serious turn in northern bank of Brahmaputra valley,causing death to both man and elephant.Large scale destruction of forests and encroachment of forest lands belonging to elephant corridors could well be the cause of man-elephant conflict, which had forced herds of wild elephants roam in the villages in search of food.

The inaugural ceremony of plantation was held on August 5 at Samrang Beat Forest Office premises at 10 am.Speaking on the occasion as the president of the meeting, Ananta Bagh,CEO of Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society, Nonaipara highlighted the salient features of the plantation programme He said that the conflict would continue if remedial measures were not taken in time.According to him plantation of more banana like trees would not only help solving wild elephants’ food scarcity,but it would check global warming.More than two hundred people of the villages-Samrang,Nonaikhat,Bhutiajhar and No.2 Samrang attended the programme.Kushal Deka, i/c,Samrang Forest Beat Office; Golap Behra,secretary, Mahendra Chubba, asstt. secretary of the NGO and senior citizen Gobinda Sarma also spoke a few words on the occasion.The officers and jawans of the SSB company stationed at Nonaipara attending the programme offered full cooperation to the organizers. More than one thousand banana trees had been planted on the opening day.Ananta Bagh,CEO of the NGO told this correspondent that more nine thousand banana trees would be planted in different parts of the elephant corridor within August 2009.

Abduction of a minor girl:Failure of police condemned

Abduction of a minor girl:Failure of police condemned

The abduction of a minor girl, aged only 13 years, at Balipota village under Kalaigaon police station has created sensation in the areas. People have condemned the act and expressed regret at police failure to nab the culprit. According to information received, one Nitya Sarma (35),son of Bangsidhar Sarma,of the same village had been staying at the residence of one Dulal Deka since last year. Taking advantage of the simplicity of the parents of the minor girl, Nitya Sarma successfully established an affair with the girl and finally abducted her on July 15/09.An FIR was lodged at the Kalaigaon police station by the father of the girl the next day. But the abductor and the girl could not be traced till July 31,when police rescued the girl in the same village, but the abductor was still missing.The girl was presented before the Hon’ble judicial Magistrate at Mangaldai court on August 1.The girl confessed before the court that Nitya Sarma had abducted her by force. Latter the girl was handed over to her father’s custody and police was directed to take action against the abductor.

Surprisingly the girl was abducted again on the very next day on August 2 morning by the same youth. Another FIR was lodged at Kalaigaon police station but the whereabouts of the girl could not be traced till August 6. People of the locality have condemned two time abduction of the minor girl. Raising question on the sincerity of Kalaigaon police, people urged DC and SP of Darrang to take appropriate action against the abductor and to rescue the minor girl.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fashion designer Juri Sarma’s Mr. & Miss Kid of Darrang

Fashion designer Juri Sarma’s Mr. & Miss Kid of Darrang

Fashion and designing has now been drawing attention of young people all over India,a few creative young people of Assam too have established themselves well in the field.But still it’s not been so easy to arrange fashion shows in district level.People still consider it an affair of glamor models.

Juri Sarma,daughter of Sarat Sarma and Phuleswari Devi of Mangaldai in Assam successfully arranged a fashion design show of kids at Mangaldai Natya Mandir on July 19 and had won much needed public appreciation.The show titled “Mr.& Miss of Darrang could very much impress people of Mangaldai. The show also acted positively in removing misconceptions on fashion and design. On the occasion, Juri Sarma presented fifty pairs of her attractive design work to the delight of people.

Jyotishman Sarma, Hitali Sarma Barua won Master kid of Darrang and Miss kid of Darrang respectively, while Farhad Adnan and Kamalina Choudhury won first and second runners up respectively. Noted choreographer Prasanta Bordoloi, international fame dancer Bhanu Deka and designer Preeti Saloi attended the show as the judges while Juri Sarma anchored the proceeding. A total of 50 boys and girls participated in the event.Later Talking to this scribe ,Juri Sarma told that government of Assam must introduce fashion and designing as compulsory subject in schools,which according to her would help boys and girls earn self sufficiency in life.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Uprooting of tree at Paneri PS exposes 18th century cannon

Uprooting of tree at Paneri PS exposes 18th century cannon

The sudden uprooting of a hundred-year-old tree at the premises of Paneri police station in Udalguri district in Assam (India)has exposed the remains of a cannon believed to be of the 18th century.

The large tree at the premises of Paneri police station uprooted on July 12 at 7.37 am without any storm or rain. According to Thaneskwar Chutia, OC of Paneri police station, the diameter of the mouth of the cannon is eight inches and the length of the exposed portion is three feet. He felt another three feet might have remained underground.

People of the neighbouring areas have started pouring into Paneri to have a look at the object. It needs mention that Paneri police station was established in the 19th century during British rule and has been one of the oldest police stations in Assam.

The tragic part of the incident was the death of more than 200 bats which had been taking shelter in the tree. The uprooting of the tree has also rendered more than a 1000 bats homeless.

In the meantime, wildlife lovers have expressed sorrow at the death of so many bats of rare species. They lauded police and veterinary personal of Paneri for immediate arrangement of treatment to the injured bats. DN Hazarka, Circle Officer of Harisinga Revenue Circle (Tangla) visited the spot on July 13 for taking necessary action in the matter. He said to this correspondent that the matter had already been reported to the DC and SP of Udalguri district. People of Paneri, Tangla and Kalaigaon have urged the State Archaeology department to visit the site for investigation.

Depredated villagers of Nonaipara rejoice at birth of wild jumbo calf!

Depredated villagers of Nonaipara rejoice at birth of wild jumbo calf!

Putting up with occasional elephant depredations for months on end, the villagers of Nonaipara along the Indo-Bhutan border in Udalguri district obviously love to hate the slatey grey giants.

But aversion for the lumbering six-tonners turned into affection with the advent of ‘Nandini’, a calf born on July 20 at 8 am to an expectant female accompanying a 60-strong wild herd. The tuskers had been foraging for fodder in Section 28 of Nonaipara Tea Estate. Christened Nandini by the local people, the calf was born hardly a km away from human habitation.

Such was the ecstasy among the locals that they celebrated the event and even distributed sweets among themselves in the firm belief that it would herald good fortune. Infatuated by the antics of the wobbly little jumbo, members of a local NGO named Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society, mostly comprising of tea garden labourers, took turns to protect the nursing mother and her calf, Chief Executive Officer Ananta Bagh of the Green Valley forest and wildlife Protection Society informed this scribe.

Following arrival of the newborn, the herd swiftly moved to Section 4 of the tea estate, popularly known as Guatemala, revealed Golap Behra, secretary of the NGO which is mandated to conserve the ecology. Prior to the new addition, the herd had been frequenting Orangajuli, Nonaipara and Bamunjuli areas since the last one month.

On the flip side, Arjun Tanti (30), an inhabitant of Section 17 of Nonaipara TE escaped death by a whisker after being seriously injured by a wild elephant while he was bathing in a stream at around 6 pm on July 21. The incident created a furore as the locals took the Government to task for its inability to check the frequent trail of death and destruction by the marauding pachyderms, especially in northern Udalguri. The Chief Minister and Forest Minister too were sounded and warned of drastic consequences by the aggrieved people.

In the backdrop of these developments, WWF officials have visited Tangla and put their heads together with representatives of Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society, besides members of other organisations. As an outcome, they have resolved to arrange an awareness camp at Bamunjuli on August 5.