Thursday, July 18, 2019

Awareness camp on Nutrition and Menstrual Cycle held at Nonaipara TE

NONAIPARA TE,July 18:An awareness camp on Nutrition and Menstrual Cycle was held at the Hospital of Nonaipara Tea Garden belonging to Goodricke Group Ltd on July 17 at 11 am.The awareness camp was inaugurated by senior Goodricke lady Dolly Das and attendant by wives of all tea executives working in Nonaipara TE besides female workers and girls students from the Tea Garden community. Nonaipara has been situated at the remote India-Bhutan international border inhabited mostly by tea garden, Nepali and Bodo community.Infrastructure bottlenecks namely-education,health,drinking water and road communication had been major causes for which the villagers have been falling prey to blind believe and superstition. Bimolata Devi,Assistant Professor,food science,nutrition and diet,department of Home Science from Imphal (Manipur) attended the camp as the appointed speaker.On the occasion, she spoke on menstruation & hygiene for young girls and married women. She also spoke on taboos and practices of social evils in rural areas.She further explained on menstruation and its consequences in later life. Bimolata Devi gave stress on self-care,eating of nutritious foods in daily diet specially during menstrual cycle.She requested woman to give priority to girls education. Another lady Rhondini Kikon working on developmental studies at the International Institute of Social Studies in Netherlands spoke on the issues of human trafficking and ill effect of migration.All the women workers and adolescent girls interacted with the visiting ladies during the session.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

"KASTURI SISHU GRIGHA"- Hope away home at Mangaldai

Kasturi Sishu Griha,Mangaldai,June 18: Established on December 25 in 2014,Kasturi Sishu Griha,Darrang has been the home for so many boys and t girls of Darrang and Udalguri districts.who had been abandoned by their relatives or lost contacts with near and dear ones.Orphan homeless children,POCSO victims,child marriage victims have been given warmth of family affection in this child care home since last five years.On the occasion of receiving first installment of a financial grant of Rs.3.30 lakhs from Numaligarh Refinery Ltd,a ceremony was held at the Sishu Griha premises on June 17.Ghansyam Das,IAS,Deputy Commissioner,Darrang attended as the chief guest.He spent nearly an hour with the inmates,guides and teachers. On the occasion DC Das discussed problems and prospects of inmates of Kasturi Sishu Griha.He also directed government officials present for development and expansion of the centre.Deputy Commissioner Das also inaugurated a new residential house for destitute children and woman.Speaking on the occasion He thanked organizers and well wishers of the child care home for giving new lease of life to the homeless boys and girls.He requested children and teachers to concentrate more on study and development of own skills.DC also inspected various items donated by NRL for the use of the inmates. Items of sports goods,furniture,utensil,bicycles etc were purchased from NRL donated amounts.Mamoni Hazarika, DSP,(HQ),Darrang;Rajen Chandra Das,chairperson, District Child Welfare Committee;Kobendra Warisa,District Child Protection Officer;Social worker Dulal Deka,senior journalists Jayanta Kumar Das,Abdul Khalek,Maksed Ali were also present at the ceremony while Rashmi Rekha Sarma,Superintendent (CCI) anchored the proceeding of the ceremony.The Kasturi Sishu Griha was found on December 25 in the year 2014 by Mahila Kalyan Samaj, an NGO,which received recognition from Niti Ayaog in 2018 (AS/2018/0195774).Presently there are six numbers of child marriage victims and one sexually exploited twelve years old pregnant girl among others taking shelter in the Sishu Griha.The shelter home has been rendering its best service to society through its child care activities with limited resources and support from a few noble persons of the state.The Sishu Griha has been taken good care by its founder Rashmi Rekha Sarma and local social workers namely-Manoranjan Sarma and Abhijit Deka,who have been working relentlessly for the safety and security of the helpless children.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Army to support mitigation of HEC in Udalguri

Hatigarh,June 4:Army personnel stationed in Udalguri district under the command of Red Horns Artillery Brigade,Hatigarh will offer their voluntary support for creation of awareness among people of the locality and also among army personnel for mitigation of Human-Elephant Conflict in the district which has so far taken lives of 116 people and 51 wild elephants during last six years.Udalguri district has now been known as the hot spot zone of the conflict.An interactive technical session was held at Babber Hall in Hatigarh Army Brigade HQ on June 4 recently for army officers and jawans. The awareness programme was organized by Red Horns Artillery Brigade and conducted by WWF,India North Bank Landscape Programme,Tezpur. Army officials from Hatigarh Field Hospital,also participated in the session.Lt.Col Rohit Sarma inaugurated the technical session at 10.30 am.He spoke on some causes of the conflict in the district with special reference to HEC affecting the normal activities and movement of army personnel in the northern parts of Udalguri district.Lt. Col Sarma requested Army personnel to understand the psychology and behavior of wild elephants so as to protect themselves and common people in any situation.He put emphasis on the creation of awareness among people to avoid conflict with wild elephants for peaceful co existence. Hiten Baishya and David Smith of WWF,Tezpur conducted the multimedia demonstration session human-elephant conflict its causes and solutions with special reference to psychology and and behavior of wild elephants. Dr. Anupam Sarma,Coordinator of WWF NBL Programme spoke on the necessity of using 12 volts solar or battery energizers to keep away wild elephants from houses and crops.According to him the low cost and low power 'Fence System' is a security technology with high voltage pulses being delivered down the wire that is not life threatening or lethal.Other systems like inverters or AC lines are always fatal which had killed several man and wild elephants in the state. Jayanta Kumar Das,Wildlife activist and Hony.Wildlife Warden also spoke on the occasion with special reference to human-elephant conflict in Udalguri district since 2007.A live demonstration of low power fence system was also conducted at the end of the session by WWF team."It was a great learning experience for both the sides and will help in long way to mitigate 'Human-Elephant Conflict' in Assam",so said a army jawan attending the technical session at the end.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

"Know our Original Home and lets learn how to protect it",ABSU

Chepna,Manas NP.June 5: All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) organized World Environment Day inside Manas Tiger Reserve near Chepna NC in Baksa district on June 5 with a daylong programme.The programme was organized centrally by ABSU in association with Manas Maozigendri Eco-Tourism Society (MMETC) and forest department.A massive plantation programme of planting more than ten thousand fruit tree saplings were also done on the day in presence of several distinguished wildlife activists, government officials,woman,students and villagers.The event titled as "Pakhiram Plantation Programme"was organized to senstise people ofn healthy environment and to promote tree plantation.More than a thousand villagers participated in the plantation programme near India-Bhutan international border.Lawrence Islary,general secretary,ABSU welcome all the distinguished guests and participants in his welcome speech at 9 am followed by the morning prayer at 9.30 am lead by Maneswar Daimari, Advisor, ABSU. Keynote speech was delivered by Pramod Boro,president,ABSU at 9.30 am who also presided over the ceremony.Speaking on the occasion Boro said,"Our nature was so neat and clean before the new civilization started.We have destroyed so many things to build something for our pleasant living and so called modern civilization by putting our Mother Earth and nature in a threat.It is most important to preserve our environment in a healthy condition and work hard to return its original disposition. We talk of our various rights everyday,but never talk about the rights of nature and environment".He further said that human beings had been the most selfish among all the creatures.He expressed his displeasure saying that the beautiful landscape and pleasant atmosphere would disappear soon if people failed to take care of Mother Nature.The plantation ceremony was also addressed by Bikash Brahma,IFS, Rtd,PCCF, Assam;Citta Ranjan Bhobora,IFS,Rtd Conservator of Forest,Assam and presently working with WWT; Ritesh Bhattacharya, IFS,Rtd,Conservators of Forest,Assam; Dharanidhar Boro,OSD,Manas National Park and Jayanta Kumar Das,Hony.Wildlife Warden, Assam. Anip Basumatari,MCLA,BTC,Chapajuri inaugurated the tree plantation drive while Raghunath Boro,Deputy Field Director, Manas National Park;Dipen Boro,vice president,ABSU and career counsel,Ranjan Barua attended as the distinguished guests.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Kalaigaon girl selected for national level NCSC

UDALGURI,Oct 28: Himashree Baishya,a class ten standard student of Pachim Silpota HS in Udalguri district has been selected as a member of 26 member Assam child scientist team for 26th National Children Science Congress (NCSC) to be held in the state of Orrisa (Bhubaneswar) from December 27 to 31this year. She has been the only child scientist from Udalguri district for attending the national science congress.It needs mentioning that she along with her co child scientist Harish Barman of the same school attended Assam state level CSC held at Majuli College from October 23 to 26 recently under the guidance of teacher Harish Rajbongshi of Kalaigaon. The title of her project was "Re-using bathroom water". Himashree Baishya daughter of teacher Lankeswar Baishya and Anjana Deka Baishya of Naharbari village along with her co-worker student Harish Barman son of Prafulla Barman and Madhabi Barman of Naharbari village were felicitated at Pachim Silpota HS on October 27.The meeting was presided over by Satya Kumar Nath,HM of the school.On the occasion headmaster Nath expressed satisfaction at the performance of the students of the school in state level science activities.Guide teacher Harish Rajbongshi requested teachers and students of all schools to follow the path shown by Himashree and Harish.The felicitation meeting was also addressed by Jayanta Kumar Das,District Coordinator,ASC,Udalguri (Aryabhatta Science Centre) under Assam Science Technology & Environment Council.It is worth mentioning that Pachim Silpota HS has been situated in a very remote village in Udalguri district and good performance of the students have been appreciated by people of Udalguri.

Friday, May 4, 2018

HEC near Bornadi WLS discussed

May 4:A meeting of forest department officials and representatives of various public organizations was held at the Range Office of the Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary in Udalguri district on May 3 at 11 am.The meeting was organized by Dhansiri Forest Division, Udalguri in view of the increasing instances of 'Man-elephant Conflict' in the villages around the sanctuary,with special reference to the killing of a man at Saharia Chowk on April 26 by wild elephant.The man was killed at 2.30 am while sleeping in a room of a village shop.The incident has been recorded as the first instance of human causality in 2018.Traditionally,wild elephant herds arrive in the plains of the district from Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh since June-July.But this year wild elephant herds have started visiting villages and tea gardens of the district well in advance.MK Sarma,DFO,Dhansiri Forest Division, Udalguri district in his introductory speech spoke on 'Man-elephant Conflict' in the district during 2009 and 2018 years.He explained about various departmental projects and schemes for protecting lives of both man and wild animals. He requested public representatives present in the meeting to suggest practical solutions to mitigate the burning issue. DFO Sarma expressed happiness at the arrival of new species of animal and birds in the WLS.According to him 234 number of species of wild animals and birds have been found in the WLS as per latest census including-wild elephants,deer,leopard,wild dog,porcupine,wild bison, bear,wild bore,hornbil, peacock, pygmy hog and clouded leopard etc."This has been very positive indication as both clouded leopard and pygmy hog have been listed as the most endangered species in the world",DFO Sarma said. Jayant Das,Hony.Wildlife Warden appointed by recently by Assam government while addressing the meet thanked a few dedicated front line staff of forest department for working hard against all odds for the restoration of lost glory of the Bornadi WLS.He also thanked local nature loving youths for giving good support to forest department. Sarat Sarma,president,Nalapara Eco Development Committee;Lakhi Ram Kalita,chairman,Rajagarh VCDC; Sukh Ram Boro,ex president Rajagarg VCDC;Chandan Deka,Jyotish Sarma,local coordinator of 'Elephants on the Line' programme;wildlife conservation activist Rajen Boro also spoke on the occasion, giving a few good suggestions for solving the prevailing man-elephant conflict.The meet adopted a few resolutions suggesting BTC authority and Assam government on the following:1.Construction of at least five numbers of permanent watch towers at Sahariapara chowk,Nalapara chowk,Simli chowk (Garobasti),Simanta Sangha chowk and at Tankibasti near Nalapara.2.Equipments like digital camera,binoculars,night vision devices for the forest staff of Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Khalingduar Reserve Forest necessary for creation of wildlife data base for all.3.Installation of 40 numbers of solar street lights at vulnerable places near the WLS for human safety.4.Errection of 10 km long solar fencing from Deochunga to Tamkibasti to prevent wild elephants from entering human villages.5,Plantation of fruit trees and grasses inside the WLS.6.Launching of facilities to attract tourists to visit the sanctuary for generating funds for wildlife conservation and arranging alternate livelihood of people of the nearby villages.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Faulty names figure in the NRC part draft in Kalaigaon RC

A total of 53 percent of the applicants of Kalaigaon Revenue Circle figured in the part drft of the updated NRC which was published on December 31 midnight.This has been stated by Biraj Kumar Barua,CRCR cum Circle Officer,Kalaigaon Revenue Circle.According to him,although there were apprehensions of law and order situations in the NSKs during post publication of NRC part draft,but people had fully cooperated with the NKS officials or administration and not a single incident of violence etc were reported.It needs mentioning that more than 1.5 lakh people under Kalaigaon Revenue Circle area applied for inclusion in the NRC part draft,out of which 80,245 applicants made it to NRC part draft publication.In Kalaigaon RC,five NRC Sewa Kendras (NSK) namely-Gobinda Misra Puthibharal,Dala;Chilarai Bhawan, Kulsipar;Old Building of Kalaigaon RC;Kabirali Sports Club and Bhakatpara Agriculture office have been functioning full time since January 1.Claims and objection forms were not available causing a little confusion among people whose names did not figure in the part draft of NRC publication.Moreover many faulty names have also figured in the part draft NRC for which people expressed resentment. When asked Circle Officer,Barua said that forms would be available soon for correction and objection etc.NSK officials on the other hand said that although they had expected huge turn outs in the NSKs,but nothing such happened due to publication of part draft in several web sites.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Eight years old Assam girl wins national dance competition in Kolkata

Nilakshi Devi,an eight years old girl of Kalaigaonhas won laurels in Kolkata recently by winning first positions in Xatria and Folk dance category in the 10th All India Indian Classical and Folk Dance Competition organized at Dwarakanath Manch,Jorasanko Thakurbari and Oriental Seminary School playground,Kolkata from December 24 to 30.The event was organized by Bharat Sanskari Utsav in association with Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Ministry of Culture,government of India.Nilakshi Devi,daughter of Mahadeb Nath and Konmoni Devi of Kalaigaon won first positions in Xatria and Folk dance category also winning second position in modern dance category. Nilakshi has been promoted to class four this year has been learning xatria,folk and modern dancing for last four years under the guidance of her Guru Kushal Deka of Mangaldai.A student of Kalaigaon Town LP School,Nilakshi has also secured first position in the last annual examination.
She was also declared as the best student of the school before winning All India laurels. Nilakshi's mother Konmoni Devi,a house wife was too happy at the outstanding performance of her little daughter.Talking to this correspondent,she said that she would be happy see her daughter performing Xatria and Folk dances of Assam in the national and international level,thereby bringing glory to Assam and Assamese culture.Various institutions and organizations including Kalaigaon Nagarik Samiti,Udalguri District Journalists Union,Sankari Kala Kristi Bikash Kendra,Kalaigaon etchave congratulated Nilakshi at her achievements in the national level competition and also thanked her parents for supporting and guiding her in all the way.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Golden jubilee celebration of Sonai Khawrang BBC youth wing

The two days golden jubilee celebration of Sonai Khawrang Youth Wing of BBC (Bodo Baptist Church) concluded at Sonai Khawrang village in Udalguri district on December 30 with the focal theme "It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young".Rev. Prahar Daimari,General Secretary of the North Bank Baptist Christian Association attended the golden jubilee celebration in both the days.He also spoke on the concluding session as the chief speaker.One of the organizer,Bhraman Baglari,welcomed all the distinguished guests and people present.He also introduced and felicitated a few distinguished present on the occasion namely-former OIL executive Ashok Das and his wife Jyoti Das;Tea consultant Jit Kakati and his wife Radhika Kakati; senior journalist Jayanta Kumar Das.Ismail Daimari, secretary JFMC man made forest,Bhairabkunda; specially able singer students (blind) Nyonok Tamang and Birdul Daimari with Aarnai.The golden jubilee celebration had started on December 29,which was inaugurated by Juris Baglari.A souvenir was released on the occasion by Sadananda Baglari.Biswanath Brahma spoke on the main theme in the evening session as the appointed speaker. The hoisting of BBC flag by Derhasor Narzary marked the beginning concluding days celebration of December 30. Fagun Daimari of Sonai Khawrang village spoke on the historic importance of the golden jubilee activities followed by welcome and felicitation conducted by Phillip Sargiary. The concluding ceremony was also attended by Sushil Daimari,executive secretary of BBC,Udalguri district committee and Binimai Daimari,president BBC Woman wing Udalguri district committee.It needs mentioning that youth wing of Sonai Khawrang village BBC was established in the year 1967.Sonai Khawrang village in Udalguri has also earned reputation in Assam as one of the most clean village in Assam.