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Freeedom Fighter late Pani Ram Das and me with Madam Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi

10 arrested for killing a Barking deer inside Khalingduar RF

 In a major breakthrough,the forest and SSB personal engazed in Khalingduar Reserve Forest in Bhergaon subdivision arrested 10 poachers for illegally killing a male barking deer inside the reserve forest in the evening hour on March 21.According to Haladhar Kalita,Range officer,Nonai Range office the following persons namely-Akbar Lakra,Bisna Haden,Phillip Toppo,Gaol Haren,Raju Toppo,Amal Naag,Sudua Orang,Sanjay Tirki,Suleman Kandona and Bahadur Orang had been caught red handed with the killed animal inside the reserve forest.10 bows and 30 arrows and 17 numbers of bicycles were also seized from the possesion of the accused persons.Postmortem was done by Dr.Sulov Sarma before forwarding the accused to Mangaldai jail on March 22.It needs mention that illegal poaching had nearly destroyed most of the flora and fauna of the Barnadi Wildfife Santuary and Khalingduar Reserve Forest in Bhergaon sub-division. Fortunately,the awareness campaign launched by ABSU and a few NGOs like Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society have shown positive results these days resulting the arrest of the poachers.Forest officials too have come forward to cooperate with common people and media for the protection of nature and wildlife.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Assam News | Online News Portal

The Assam News | Online News Portal

Mini truck with umbrellas meant for voters,worth Rs.2 lakhs seized at Kalaigaon

The seizer of a truck load of umbrella at Grandland Bagicha village under Kalaigaon Police Station has created sensation in the district.According to the information, a patrolling team of Kalaigaon police headed by Bidyut Bikash Baruah and Himangshu Sekhar Gohain intercepted a Tata Magic Mini truck,(at the time of routine check up) bearing number AS-27-C/ 0741 at Grandland Bagicha village under Kalaigaon Police Station at 12.40 PM on March 20.The Mini truck was carrying 17 bundles of umbrellas worth Rs.2 lakhs.The Static Surveilence Team officials of EC had rushed to the spot when informed and brought the vehicle to Kalaigaon Police Station.Dinamoni Das,ERO,65 Kalaigaon LAC personally investigated the incident at Kalaigaon Police Station.People suspect that the umbrellas had been brought for the distribution among the voters by somebody on the eve of the assembly election.
Involvement of political parties have not yet been confirmed.But one Rajesh Agarwalla owner of Maruti Traders ,Tangla told police that one Nikumoni Debnath had paid him rupees one lakh as advance in the morning for the delivery of the umbrellas to be sold in the village shops.But Nikumoni Debnath denied the charge and said that no money was paid,thereby turning the incident
into interesting stage.However people strongly belived that the umbrellas had been brought to be used as bribe to voters.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Triangular contest for BPF Cong & AGP in 65 Kalaigaon LAC in Assam

The election scenario in 65 Kalaigaon LAC has turned into interesting stage with the declaration of candidates by most of the political parties.Kalaigaon assembly constituency,with 1,40,267 numbers of voters had never been won for two consecutive term by any political parties in the recent past.Sitting MLA,Maheswar Boro of BPF has faced stiff resistance this time from a local (AGP) candidate Mukunda Ram Choudhuri (former Chief Engineer, Director of Health Services, Meghalaya government) and firebrand feminist activists Rupa Rani Bhuan of Congress (Lecturer,English,Mangaldai College). BJP has placed one Mridul Deka of Mangaldai as its candidate in place of of its originally declared candidate Khagen Narzary,(first list)who had withdrawn his name for unknown reason.According to a few BJP activists, BJP has placed Mridul Deka as a “weak candidate” in support of AGP candidate Mukunda Ram Choudhuri.The BJP workers have expressed their displeasure in open against BJP state leadership and alleged that BJP had betrayed party workers.
Badaruddin Ajmol led AUDF has not placed any party candidate in Kalaigaon LAC but likely to support AGP candidate Mukunda Ram Choudhuris.It needs mention that AUDF had been a strong factor in the last asembly election in Kalaigaon LAC for the defeat of Congress candidate Madhab Rajbongshi (former MP) in 2006.In absence of any AUDF candidate, majority of the twenty thousand strong religious minority voters are likely to vote in favour of Cong and AGP candidates leaving less room for BPF. BPPF (Rabiram) and UDPF too have not placed any of their candidates so far in Kalaigaon constituency and likely to support AGP candidate Mukunda Ram Choudhuri. From all the information and datas so far,65 Kalaigaon LAC is likely to witness triangular contest among Congress,AGP and BPF.
BPF candidate Maheswar Baro has been enjoying an additional advantage of the absence of other Bodo candidates.If he could successfully polarise all the Bodo votes, numbering more than twenty thousand,his prospect of winning would be better.But Maheswar Boro is less likely to get support of religious minority people.But he of course enjoys additional advantage of the BTC factor.On the other hand Rupa Rani Bhuan of Congress is hopeful of winning the support of religious minority voters (in the absence of AUDF) besides Assamese votes.AGP canditate Mukunda Ram Choudhuri too has some additional advantages of being a resident of Kalaigaon town.In the last assembly election held in 2006,he could secure 23559 votes next to BPF candidate Maheswar Boro (27703 votes).Both the AGP and Congress have already opened election offices at various places in the constituency.
Congress candidate Rupa Rani Bhuan formally inaugurated her election office at Kalaigaon town on March 16 in presence of several hundred people belonging to various communities. Talking to media persons present on the occasion she said that her first priority would be to control flood problem of the constituency for which she would construct a dam at Jalimukh on Indo – Bhutan border. She further openly declared that she would oppose the BTC circular stopping transfer of land ownership right in BTC by non tribals ( from father to sons) which has caused serious consequences to non Bodos living inside BTAD.

Monday, March 14, 2011

AK 56 recovered in public vehicle at Rowta in Assam

Seven people including 4 man and three woman were arrested by 315 Field Regiment near Rowta in Udalguri district on the evening of March 12 for carrying an AK 56 rifle along with 100 rounds of live ammunition.The persons had been travelling in a Mahindra Savari vehicle.According to Col.Sunil Upadhaya,Commanding Officer , 315 Field Regiment (KARGIL) the weapon was hide under the cover of the seats of the vehicle. The persons had been travelling from Rowta to Rangia.The sources said that NDFB (anti talk) militants had been responsible.The matter has created sensation in the district just before the assembly election to be held on April 11.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Udalguri DC thanks Brig.VK Tiwari for promoting education

Thaneswar Malakar,Deputy Commissioner,Udalguri,who has also been known as a state level writer requested people of Udalguri district to work hard for a complete change in the present education system in the state.Addressing people as a special guest on the occasion of the inauguration of two new class rooms and toilets in Murmela High School near Tangla on March 12,he said that the upcoming engineering college in the district would very much change the scenario.The DC thanked Brig.VK Tiwari,Commander,Red Horn’s 21 Artillery Brigade,Hatigarh for launching as many as six new welfare schemes in Udalguri disstrict for the development of infrastructure of the villages under ‘Operation Sadbhabana”. He also thanked Col. Sunil Upadhaya, Commanding Officer of 315 Field Regiment for taking up the humble job of social upliftment with special attention to remote villages.He said the district needed more development in the field of education and health.He also requested people of the villages to exorcise their voting right in the ensuing assembly poll on April 11.Brig.VK Tiwari Commander, 21 Artillery Brigade,Hatigarh attended the ceremony as the chief guest.He inaugurated the two new class rooms before distributing prizes to the participants of various events.Commenting on the necessity of high class education ,he said that education always comes first.He thanked the administration for offering to improve rural infrastructures such as roads,education and health.Boys and girls of Murmela village performed a few spectacular cultural items namely-Bihu dance,Jhumur dance,Bodo dance etc to the delight of the guests as well as the people present. Several distinguished people namely -Col Sunil Upadhaya,Commanding Officer,315 Field Regiment;Pranjal Das,EAC,Khoirabari;Ratul Pathak,BDO,Bhergaon and Kalaigaon,Dilip Bodo,president, MC, Murmela Hschool and media persons attended the inaugural ceremony.Ramani Kalita,Headmaster of the school offered the vote of thanks at the end.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japanese Earthquake / Tsunami TV Coverage March 11, 2011

The increasing numbers of illegal saw mills operating in BTAD have posed a serious threat to the ecology of the whole state.One can easily see such illegal saw mills under a small shed in most of the BTC villages.Taking advantage of the indifferent attitude of the BTC administration,numbers of such illegal saw mills have been pouring up in the villages as a means of earning money. With the working capital of just one lakh rupees,any one can set up such mills with out any permission or licence, there by destroying thousands of trees daily,which have posed a serious threat to ecology in the state.It needs mention that apart from a few wild life sancturies,Reserve Forests and NPs,tall and large trees are not seen now a days.The decreasing numbers of such trees like Simalu etc have compelled a few species of birds namely-vulture,hornbill,adjutants kites etc either to move to new locations or to die unnoticed.
The unabated gold rush of illegal timbers from Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh will have serious consequences in NE region.The massive destruction of forests had started in Assam during Assam movement and later during Bodo movement.But most devastating activities had been done by SULFA activists during 1980-2000 period. SULFA activists in active cooperation of the forest officials mercilessly destroyed 90 percent of the forests in BTAD areas in Assam.Most of the valuable trees in Khalingduar Reserve Forest,Bornadi WLS,Mazbat Reserve Forest and Manas NP had been destroyed. Even after the creation of BTC most of the BTC leaders had never been serious to conserve remaining forests in BTAD.The Bodo leaderships rather encouraged people to encroach on new forest areas,putting the final nail on the coffin. Police and foret officials working in BTAD dare not take action against illegal activists.People of Assam too have nearly stopped planting new trees on their own lands.Instead they too have started felling down old trees on their Basti lands which had been planted by their forefathers.People of Assam now a days need money and that is why they have started selling trees (not sparing even small ones) to illegal saw mills, operating in villages.
A huge consignment of illegal timbers on two tractors had been intercepted by people on the night of March 2 at Tegabari near Kalaigaon town.The timbers were brought from Panbari area.Kalaigaon police headed by Bidyut Bikash Barua tried to seize the timbers;But highly placed political leaders compelled police officials to release the tractors and timbers on March 3.In another incident,a fifteen member forest team headed by Haladhar Kalita,Range Officer,Nonai Range Office under Khalingduar Reserve Forest raided the premises of two illegal saw mills operating at Ranthali village near Kalaigaon on March 9 at 10 AM.The forest team seized two complete sets of saw mill mechinaries worth rupees two lakhs and timbers worth rupees five lakhs on the spot.But hundreds of local people gheraod the forest officials demanding release of the seized items.
Bankim Sarma,DFO,Dhansiri Forest Division,Udalguri told media persons on the occasion that the forest policy of the government had to be changed with the change of time.According to him people of the villages would plant more and more plants on their own lands if ownership right of the planted trees was given to the owners.As per the present rule people are not allowd to cut or sell any valuable trees even if planted by the owners, on their own lands.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Election Commission of India issues Voter's Certificates to new voters

Election Commission of India, has decided to give a Voter's Certificate to all the new voters of the age group of 18-19 years for the first time in the country.The certificate would be signed by the EROs (Electorate Registration Officers) of the LACs.The certificates would be very much useful as it would be considered as an important valid document supporting citizenship of India. Election Commission of India has decided to issue the certificates to new and young voters for greater participation for a stronger democracy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kalaigaon LAC ready for Assam Assembly poll 2011

The 65 Kalaigaon LAC has been ready for the ensuing assembly election to be held on April 11,2011.As per the revised electorate rolls published recently, the LAC has 1,40,267 numbers of voters (male-72,905 and female-67,362) The numbers of new voters of the age group of 18 to 19 has been registered as 823.Dinamoni Das,ERO (Electorate Revision Officer) of 65 Kalaigaon LAC told this correspondent that on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee year of the Election Commission of India, all the new voters of the age group of 18-19 years would be given a voters certificate for the first time in the country.The certificate would be signed by the EROs of the LACs and would be very much useful as it would be considered as an important valid document supporting citizenship of India.The ERO said that Election Commission of India has decided to issue the certificates to new and young voters for greater participation for a stronger democracy.
On the arrangements for the smooth conduct of the assembly poll,Dina Moni Das, ERO of the LAC said that there would be 167 polling stations in the LAC.For the free and fair conduct of the poll,Girish Sarma,ADC,Darrang has been given the charge of RO (Returning Officer) and Dina Moni Das,Circle Officer,Kalaigaon has been appointed as the ARO respectively. It has also been made public that Kalaigaon constituency has been further divided into eight zones namely -No.1 Khoirabari (4 sectors);No.2 Khoirabari (3 sectors);Lakhimpur (4sectors);Kalaigaon (3sectors); Tokankata (2 sectors);Borpukhuri (2 sectors);Panbari (3 sectors) and Rajapukhuri (with 2 sectors).Zonal Officers and Sector Officers will supervise respective zone and sectors.In another move, Kumud Kalita,Deputy Commissioner,cum District Election Officer Darrang has ordered formation of Flying Squads in each of the LACs to be headed by the Circle Officers .The Officer In-Charge and three other police officers of various police stations will be the members of the Flying Squads.Such Flying Squads will monitor any kind of violation of election code of conduct in LAC level.
The District Election Officer has also directed the AROs to arrange LAC wise meetings with the political parties for free and fair conduct of the assembly election.

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Red Horns dedicates Computer Centre at Khagrabari

Continuing its drive and efforts to reach out to the population and contribution towards the betterment of the children of district Udalguri, 315 Field Regiment (KARGIL) under the aegis of 21 Mountain Artillery Brigade of Red Horns Division constructed a Computer Center at Janata High School in village Khagrabari, near Khoirabari in Bhergaon Sub-division under Operation Sadhbavana.The Computer Center was inaugurated by the chief guest Brig.VK Tiwari, Commander,21 Mountain Artillery Brigade during a colourful function held at Khagrabari on March 6,2011.
Apart from the school students and the teaching staff, the event was attended by a large number of civil dignitaries, police officials, leaders of social and student organizations and approximately 500 people from the nearby villages. While addressing the people Brigadier V.K.Tiwari,Commander Red Horns Artillery Brigade stressed that the foundation of better tomorrow for our children lies in quality education and computer literacy so as to be better prepared to face and take on the technological world. He also stressed upon the local people to optimally utilise the facilities being made available by the Army and derive the maximum benefits out of them.
In his thanks giving speech, Jhumur Bahadur Chettri, Headmaster of the school complimented 315 Field Regiment (KARGIL) for providing the long needed Computer Centre at the school premises and urged all students to make full use of this facility. All the dignitaries were full of appreciation of the quality of the work and the fine execution of the noble project. The KARGIL GUNNERS have once again proved their worth and mettle by not only carrying out counter insurgency operations and averting IED and bomb blasts, but also by providing humane services for the betterment, upliftment and development of the society.