Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More wild elephant found dead in Assam

A five years old wild elephant has been found dead at a paddy field in Majuli Basti village under Dimakuchi Police Station in Udalguri district,Assam (India)on August 28. According to veterinary sources it had been poisoned at some other places two days back. Nature lovers express serious concern at regular deaths of wild elephants in the district.

সাগৰ দেখিছা?

সাগৰ দেখিছা? দেখা নাই কেতিয়াও? ময়ো দেখা নাই, শুনিছোঁ তথাপি, নীলিম সলিলৰাশি বাধাহীন উৰ্ম্মিমালা আছে দূৰ দিগন্ত বিয়াপি | মোৰ ই অন্তৰ খনি সাগৰৰ দৰে নীলা, বেদনাৰে – দেখা নাই তুমি ? উঠিছে মৰিছে য’ত বাসনাৰ লক্ষ ঢউ তোমাৰেই স্মৃতি – সীমা চুমি | শুনা নাই? মোৰ সাগৰত তুমি শুনা নাই ধুমুহাৰ উতলা সঙ্গীত ? বুজা নাই? অনুভৱো কৰা নাই ফুলনিত বসন্তৰ কোমল ইঙ্গিত? দেখিছাতো ৰামধেনু? বাৰিষাৰ ডাৱৰত পোহৰৰ মোহন গৌৰৱ; প্ৰেমৰ পোহৰ-দীপ্ত মোৰ হিয়া আকাশত দেখিছানে ৰঙৰ উছৱ ? মাজনিশা সাৰ পাই শুনিছানে কেতিয়াবা কেতেকীৰ হিয়া ভগা মাত? ভাবিছানে এটিবাৰো পখীৰ ডিঙিত কান্দে মানুহৰ বুকুৰ সম্বাদ! মই জানো, তুমি কিটো জানা, হেৰা মোৰ হিয়াহীনা প্ৰিয়া! তুমি জানা মাথোঁ তুমি তুমি, মই মই| তুমিতো নাজানা-হায়, কিয় বাৰু কিয় আমি গাথোঁ জঁই পৰা মালতীৰে জয়ৰ গৌৰৱ মালা? মিলনৰ কাৰেঙ সোনালী সাজোঁ কিয় পৃথিৱীৰ দুখৰ বোকাৰে আমি? হৃদয়ৰ ৰঙা তেজ ঢালি প্ৰতিমাৰ পখালোঁ চৰণ কিয়? তুমি নুবুজিবা সখি! কিনো বেদনাত ষষ্ঠীত প্ৰতিষ্ঠা কৰা দেৱীক বিসৰ্জো আমি বিজয়াৰ বিফল সন্ধ্যাত! সন্ধিয়া আহিছে নামি? থক হেৰা নেলাগে জ্বলাব চাকি; দুটি নয়নৰ সহজ প্ৰভাৰে আজি নাশিবা তিমিৰ তুমি অন্ধকাৰ মোৰ জগতৰ| NB:This has been a most excellent poem written by late Deba Kanta Baruah of Assam

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ashwaklanta temple ,North Guwahati

Second phase steps to Ashwaklanta temple,North Guwahati

This is historic 'Aar Parvat' on Brahmaputra river near North Guwahati,Assam.According to mythology Goddess Kamakhya used to take bath here in this solitary place.The hill served as a cover so it got its name "Aar" means cover

Panoramic view of Guwahati city seen from Ashwaklanta temple,North Guwahati

Panoramic view of Guwahati city,Umananda (river island) and Aar Parvat seen from Ashwaklanta temple,North Guwagati

River island Umananda seen from Ashwaklanta,North Guwahati

Tourist rest hut at Ashwaklanta temple,North Guwahati

Rajaduar Ghat,North Guwahati

Climbing up the stairs to Ashwaklanta temple,North Guwahati

Saraighat bridge over Brahmaputra river

Kamakhya hills as seen from North Guwahati

Brahmaputra river near Amingaon,North Guwahati

Red Horn's Mighty Fine Regiment organises programme for students at Udalguri

Mighty Fine Regiment of Red Horns Division organised a well attended awareness meet for students and youths at Udalguri HS school auditorium on August 25 recently. Giving every detail of Indian army and job opportunities in it, army officers said that the Indian army never relied on religion, caste and creed, but relies on quality service to the nation. Army welcomed more than 1000 students coming from various schools and colleges of Udalguri area with a tele-film showing the valour and courage, discipline and social life of the army men of the country. Addressing the congregation, Colonel DK Bose, Commanding Officer of the regiment also explained the truthfulness of Indian army and appealed to the youths to join it for a better and ideal life to serve the nation. The students on the occasion was also addressed by Thaneswar Malakar, Deputy Commissioner of Udalguri district who appealed to the students to learn discipline from the Indian army and salute them as they serve us round the clock for our safety and security. He also thanked the security forces for their co operation in maintaining law and order in entire Udalguri district at a crucial period of ethnic unrest going on in western side of BTAD in recent times and appealed all to maintain peace and harmony for a greater cause.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chief Minister's Best Community Action Awards to Dipen Boro & Zakir Hussain of Udalguri

Government of Assam honoured Dipen Boro, Adviser of ABSU,Udalguri and a leading social activist, and Zakir Hussain, a student leader from the minority community with Chief Minister’s Best Community Action Award on the occasion of 66th independence Day of India at Udalguri on August 15 last. It is to be noted that both played leading role in maintaining communal peace in Udalguri; The district administration honoured Dr. Chandra Prasad Payeng, Medical Officer of Kalaigaon State Dispensary and Bishnu Prasad Sarmah, Head Master, Golmagaon High School and author of a number of books with Excellent Awards in Public Administration; Bishnujyoti Sanskritik Gosthi of Chengapathar (Kalaigaon) with Excellence Award in Public Service; Birinchi Das SI and constable Mridul Hazarika with Excellence Awards in Public Security. Malakar also felicitated social figures like Harekrishna Mahanta, Narendra Nath Barman, Rabiram Brahma, Sishir Kumar Suni, Hussain Ali Dewan, Pabitra Rabha, Tarapati Upadhyaya and Father Deven Kachari for their social service. The awards were given away by Thaneswar Malakar, Deputy Commissioner of Udalguri in presence of Rihon Daimari,MLA,Udalguri (Former Assam Minister);Col DK Bose,Commanding Officer,159 Field Regiment;Col.Shashi Ghildiyal, Commanding Officer,315 Field Regiment; Subroto Sinha,Commander,BSF; Debojit Deuri,SP, Udalguri

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tusker found dead

A twenty five years old wild tusker has been found dead at Section No.20 of Majuli tea garden in Udalguri district on August 18. The body bore no injury marks and according to local people it could have been poisoned at some other place. Forest officials headed by M Sarma,ACF and veterinary doctor arrived at the spot for post mortem. Nature lovers condoled the death of the wild tusker. Jayanta Kumar Das

Friday, August 17, 2012

'Life is not like a straight line' :Udalguri DC tells students

'Life is not like a straight line but a challenge in a hard fought battle to be won by each student', said Thaneswar Malakar,DC ,Udalguri,who has also well known as a writer,while inaugurating a felicitation ceremony held at Kalaigaon College on 12 August recently. He advised parents and students not to rush to cities and towns for better education. According to him in the age of modern communication learning is possible even at own home. Students must always have trust in parents as none can take their places in the life of students. Students must keep that in minds and show respect to them. The DC also warned students to be careful in the beginning of college A slightest slip could very much pull one down to the bottom.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spectacular performance of JNV Udalguri boys on Independence Day celebration at Udalguri on Aug 15 2012

JNV girls performing on Independence Day celebration at Udalguri on Aug 15 2012

Independence Day celebration at Udalguri on August 15/2012

Thaneswar Malakar,DC,Udalguri giving prize to a cadet on India's Independence day 2012.Commanding Officer,159 Regiment and Commandant,BSF looks on

Thaneswar Malakar,DC,Udalguri giving CM's Excellence Award to Dr.CP Payeng of Kalaigaon on India's Independence day 2012

Thaneswar Malakar,DC & Debojit Deuri,SP,Udalguri receiving salute from Bodo girls on India's Independence day 2012

Udalguri celebrates 66th I-Day

The 66th Independence Day celebrated at Udalguri with gaiety. At the Parade Ground of DC’s Office, Udalguri. Thaneswar Malakar,Deputy Commissioner, Udalguri offered floral tribute to the Father of the Nation “Mahatma Gandhi” at Gandhi Smriti at 8-45 AM. before inspection of guard of honour. 19 contingents including police,para military forces and students took part in the march past. The DC hoisted the tri-colour at 9.00 AM in presence of the around five thousand people. On the occasion DC Malakar gratefully remembered the sacrifices of all known or unknown heroes of Indias freedom struggle. He also spoke on the development that had been implemented in the district. Dc also thanked people of Udalguri for maintaining peace while the whole BTAD is burning. Distinguished guests namely- Rihon Daimari, MLA, Udalguri, Mitharam Basumatary, EM,BTC; Col.DK Bose,Commanding Officer,159 Field Regiment; Col.Shashi Ghidiyal,Commanding Officer,315 Field Regiment; Debajit Deori, Superintendent of Police,Udalguri;Subroto Sinha, Commandant BSF etc attended the celebration ceremony.
In the celebration District Level award for Excellence in Public Service was awarded jointly to Bishnujyoti Sanskritik Gosti,Kalaigaonand Dibyajyoti Nath of Tangla. District Level award for Excellence in Public Administration was awarded jointly to Dr. CP Payeng,in-charge Kalaigaon State Dispensary and Bishnu Sarma,writter and educationist, Udalguri. District Level award for Excellence in Public Security was awarded jointly to Birinchi Das, SI and Mridul Ali of Paneri Police station. Chief Minister's Best Community Action Award for development was awarded jointly to ABSU leader Dipen Boro and Jakir Hussain Choudhuri.
In view of the celebration of the I-Day exhibition stalls were displayed by 159 Fld. Regiment and different Govt. departments and SHGs. Fruits were also distributed amongst the patients of ‘200 beds Civil Hospital’ at Udalguri in connection with the celebration of Independence Day. Spectacular cultural items were performed by students of various schools. In march past JNV, Udalguri and Udalguri college won first two places respectively.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Campaign “Lets Do it! Udalguri” launched

A unique campaign “Lets Do it! Udalguri”initiated by Alexis Society- Udalguri Chapter and Sigouguri Students Council held at Udalguri town on August 12 with day long programme. The purpose of the campaign was to clean the entire Udalguri township. Young,passionate,dedicated and highly motivated boys and girls numbering nearly two thousand joined hands in the clean up drive. This had been a part of the “Lets Do it! India” project initiated on “Lets Do it! World” (World Clean up 2012).The campaign has been managed by Alexis Society, an international non profit and non political organisation. It has been a civic movement of mapping and cleaning up the illegal waste lying in and around houses,buildings,apartments, localities, wards and public places. The aim of the campaign is to organise a series of clean up drives simultaneously in the different cities of India.The campaign had already been launched in Lucknow,Patna,Delhi,Thanjuvar,Dhanbad,Pune. Udalguri has been the first of its kind in NE.
The project seeks to increase awareness and educate public hence improving waste management. The clean up drive seeks to serve - A) to appeal people to become responsible citizens by keeping their surroundings clean and cultivating the habit of disposing the wastes at right places. B) to help the Municipalties.The Udalguri campaign was supported by 1800 students volunteers from 18 educational institutions. Lt.Col Jesus Furtado of 159 Field Regiment inaugurated the clean up campaign at 7 AM. Udalguri district administration along with several other organizations namely- Udalguri Town Committee, NDFB(P), NRHM etc participated in the campaign. Col.DK Bose,Commanding Officer, 159 Field Regiment under Red Horns Division addressed all the participants at the open session held at Bishnu Rabha Kristi Sangha at 11 AM. Maihursa Boro,Regional Governor,Alexis Society NE India supervised the whole campaign.