Friday, May 4, 2018

HEC near Bornadi WLS discussed

May 4:A meeting of forest department officials and representatives of various public organizations was held at the Range Office of the Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary in Udalguri district on May 3 at 11 am.The meeting was organized by Dhansiri Forest Division, Udalguri in view of the increasing instances of 'Man-elephant Conflict' in the villages around the sanctuary,with special reference to the killing of a man at Saharia Chowk on April 26 by wild elephant.The man was killed at 2.30 am while sleeping in a room of a village shop.The incident has been recorded as the first instance of human causality in 2018.Traditionally,wild elephant herds arrive in the plains of the district from Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh since June-July.But this year wild elephant herds have started visiting villages and tea gardens of the district well in advance.MK Sarma,DFO,Dhansiri Forest Division, Udalguri district in his introductory speech spoke on 'Man-elephant Conflict' in the district during 2009 and 2018 years.He explained about various departmental projects and schemes for protecting lives of both man and wild animals. He requested public representatives present in the meeting to suggest practical solutions to mitigate the burning issue. DFO Sarma expressed happiness at the arrival of new species of animal and birds in the WLS.According to him 234 number of species of wild animals and birds have been found in the WLS as per latest census including-wild elephants,deer,leopard,wild dog,porcupine,wild bison, bear,wild bore,hornbil, peacock, pygmy hog and clouded leopard etc."This has been very positive indication as both clouded leopard and pygmy hog have been listed as the most endangered species in the world",DFO Sarma said. Jayant Das,Hony.Wildlife Warden appointed by recently by Assam government while addressing the meet thanked a few dedicated front line staff of forest department for working hard against all odds for the restoration of lost glory of the Bornadi WLS.He also thanked local nature loving youths for giving good support to forest department. Sarat Sarma,president,Nalapara Eco Development Committee;Lakhi Ram Kalita,chairman,Rajagarh VCDC; Sukh Ram Boro,ex president Rajagarg VCDC;Chandan Deka,Jyotish Sarma,local coordinator of 'Elephants on the Line' programme;wildlife conservation activist Rajen Boro also spoke on the occasion, giving a few good suggestions for solving the prevailing man-elephant conflict.The meet adopted a few resolutions suggesting BTC authority and Assam government on the following:1.Construction of at least five numbers of permanent watch towers at Sahariapara chowk,Nalapara chowk,Simli chowk (Garobasti),Simanta Sangha chowk and at Tankibasti near Nalapara.2.Equipments like digital camera,binoculars,night vision devices for the forest staff of Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary and Khalingduar Reserve Forest necessary for creation of wildlife data base for all.3.Installation of 40 numbers of solar street lights at vulnerable places near the WLS for human safety.4.Errection of 10 km long solar fencing from Deochunga to Tamkibasti to prevent wild elephants from entering human villages.5,Plantation of fruit trees and grasses inside the WLS.6.Launching of facilities to attract tourists to visit the sanctuary for generating funds for wildlife conservation and arranging alternate livelihood of people of the nearby villages.