Friday, July 29, 2011

Another view of Zigzag Chandana river near Jerujalem village in U

Children playing in the river Chandana

Chandana river near Jerujalem village in Udalguri

Where horizen meets the planet: Jerujalem village

Zigzag Chandana river near Jerujalem village in Udalguri

PWD road passing through beautiful locations near Ambagaon,

Women passing through beautiful PWD road near Ambagaon,

Water tank full of lotus at Kabirali,Udalguri

Flowering lotus at Kabirali in Udalguri district,Assam

Another view of a PWD road passing through beautiful locations near Ambagaon,

Women passing through beautiful PWD road near Ambagaon,

A small river near Udalguri Assam

Tank with lotus at Kabirali in Udalguri district,Assam

Nature & Wildlife

Khalingduar Reserve Forest

Nonai forest Range Office in Khalingduar Reserve Forest

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hardcore NDFB (R) held at Tangla in Assam: Arms recovered

One hardcore NDFB (R)cadre,Niranjan Basumatari,alias Genda,alias B.Sudeb,alias B. Najathap, alias Kultha, son of Rupen Basumatari of village Nalbari under Udalguri police station has been apprehended at Ratanpur,Tangla on July 16 at 8.30 PM. On receiving specific information, an contingent of Assam Police (Udalguri) 149 BN CRPF (B COY) led joint by Satyajit Nath,Addl. SP, Udalguri and TR Pegu, SDPO, Bhergaon,conducted the operation to nab the hardcore NDFB district money collector with a 7.65 mm pistol,15 rounds of ammunition,money receipts and a mobile handset.According to the apprehended NDFB cadre,he had joined the outfit in 2006.He also revealed before the investigating officer that there had been 60 numbers of NDFB ® cadres operating in Udalguri district.( most of them in Mazbat Revenue Circle area,numbering 20-25).He further confessed to have collected an amount of Rs.18,60,000 himself in the district during this year.The arrest of the cadre has been considered to be a major success of the Udalguri police on the eve of the ensuing I-Day.

Consequent to his arrest, the 315 Field Regiment (KARGIL) launched massive follow up operations at various places within Udalguri districts. During one such search operation and based on the information extracted from the apprehended cadres, the army unit recovered two 7.62 mm SLR Rifles with a huge cache of ammunitions from the thick under growth area of Mazbat (Majuli) along the banks of river Dhansiri near India- Bhutan- Arunachal tri-junction. The intelligence sources reveal that the militant group was trying to transfer these weapons from Rangapara to Baksa for further handing it over to the Bidwai group.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Delayed construction of Kalanadi bridge at Bamunjuli resented

The delay in the construction of an RCC bridge over Kalanodi at Bamunjuli in Bhergaon Sub-division of Udalguri district been a serious concern of several villages namely- Kalikhola, Bamunjuli, Orangajuli, Nonoikhuti, Samrang etc, for several years.Situated 25 kms away from Tangla, construction work of the new RCC bridge over Kalanodi near Bamunjuli has been very slow, as alleged by the people of the locality. Being one of the most important PWD road,this Bamunjuli- Tangla PWD road,connecting Tangla, Kalaigaon, Paneri,Khoirabari, Dimakuchi and Bhergaon had been closed for nearly 15 years,causing untold misery to people. The old bridge over Kalanodi at Bamunjuli had been constructed by the British more than a century ago. It needs mention that the old steel bridge has been the second existing British made steel bridge in Both Udalguri and Darrang districts. The second one is still seen near Bhutiachang over Nonoi river. According to information received ,the construction work of the PWD road and the RCC bridge over the Kalanodi river near Bamunjuli was alloted to Rajsekhar Construction, Athgaon, Guwahati (estimated value Rs. 33 crore) four years back. But the said construction company had given sub contract of the construction work to another local contractor causing unnecessary delay. Only small portion of the works have been completed so far in long four years time.The media team members,who had visited the spot on July 21 saw just the beginning of construction work of three RCC pillars. The PWD department had done their job by just placing “Road Closed” sign boards on either side of the old steel bridge. But vehicular traffic has been continuing even at their own risk. This has posed big risks to commuters and passengers at any time. People of the locality urged BTC administration and Assam government to take steps so as to complete the work within this year.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Biodiversity conservation workshop on Indo-Bhutan border

A five day's field based biodiversity conservation workshop was organised at Nonai forest Range Office under Khalingduar Reserve Forest, heavily infested with man-elephant conflict for a couple of years.Aranyak,Assam organised the programme from July 16 to July 21 in association with Nonai Forest Range Office,Khalingduar Reserve Forest and Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society,a local NGO working for the conservation of nature and wildlife.This has been the first of its kind of programme organized in such remote area far away from towns and cities. Dr.Bibhuti Prasad Lahkar, Programme Secretary,Namita Brahma,Bird expert and Bipul Das,butterfly expert of Aranyak,Assam attended the programme as resourced person.34 numbers of boys and girls, mostly Adivasi,Nepali participated in the workshop. Ananta Bagh,CEO of Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society also attended the programme on all the five days.
The programme was organized to create awareness among locals,who had been facing conflicts with wild animals mostly wild elephants for decades.Due to rapid deforestation and expansion of tea gardens,the green cover is nearly lost causing man -elephant conflict. The programme covered topics like-importance of bio-diversity with special reference to conservation of local species of birds,animals, butterflies, reptiles,primates and plants etc. Field study was also arranged for the participants inside the Khalingduar Reserve Forest for practical knowledge,where they were taught about the 'do and do nots' in the forest area.The participants learned about the behavior of wild animals and birds so as to maintain peaceful co existence with wild animals without causing much damage to each other and to minimize direct confrontation with wild animals.
The closing function was held on July 21.Dr.Bibhuti Lahkar,Namita Brahma of Aranyak, Assam;Haladhar Kalita,Range Officer,Nonai Range Office were felicitated with gamocha. Dr.Lahkar thanked all forest officials,members of Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society,participating boys and girls and media people for all the help and cooperation in organizing the programme at Nonai.He also expressed his willingness to another such programme in Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary,famous for pigmy hog. Speaking on the occasion he also said that most of the green cover of the existing forests of Assam had been lost. Existing elephant corridoors had also been destroyed causing man-elephant conflict in Udalguri,Sonitpur and Golaghat districts.

Range Officer,Haladhar Kalita,CEO Ananta Bagh also spoke a few words on the occasion. Participants namely- Rahul Amin Khan,Rangeeta Bagh,Chandrika Lomjel, Mufasil Khan and Bimal Lohan thanked organizers for arranging the programme at Nonai. Distinguished journalists of Udalguri district namely- Bapan Sarma, President,Bodoland Journalist Association;Diganta Sarma,Secretary,Tangla Press Club;Kanneswar Deka,President, Kalaigaon Press Guild and Jayanta Das,Advisor,Bodoland Journalist Association attended the closing ceremony as the invited guests. Aranyak,Assam presented a set of books and a binocular to the local NGO at the end of the ceremony.

Monday, July 18, 2011

village out into the streets recently to halt the completion of the Denizli-Salihli Highway.

Written by Jennifer Hattam, a Treehugger blogger.
New roads are built all the time in Turkey without much fuss, but the prospect of losing a massive oak tree that had stood in their town for 800 years brought residents of one Aegean village out into the streets recently to halt the completion of the Denizli-Salihli Highway.
Villagers and environmentalists in Kadıköy village, part of Buldan district in Denizli province, began standing guard around the 800-year-old oak tree to keep it from being chopped down as part of the road-construction process, the Doğan news agency reported this week.
“The highway can pass by anywhere, but how many trees are there around that are 800 years old?” asked Salih Atlamaz, head of the Buldan Association for the Protection of Natural Life and Culture.
An Officially Monumental Tree
In a bid to keep the tree standing, local residents successfully petitioned for it to be registered as a “monumental tree” (anıt ağaç in Turkish), a designation that confers protection. Turkey’s monumental trees include a famous Oriental plane tree outside the gate of Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace and a 650-plus-year-old plane tree in the nearby town of İznik.
An official commission extended protected status to the tree after determining that it was indeed seven to eight centuries old, meaning that although road construction will likely continue in another location, the oak will continue to shade Kadıköy residents.
“If we cut down these trees, we will be denying our past. We have saved the tree through our efforts, and the real victory belongs to the villagers who protected the tree,” Atlamaz told the Doğan news agency. “I encourage all other citizens to take responsibility for their cultural, historical and natural assets.”

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Friday, July 15, 2011

'Yatra' a book on travelogue by Thaneswar Malakar,DC,Udalguri released

Yatra,a book on travelogue was recently released by Dr. Laxminanadan Borah, former president of Asam Sahitya Sabha here at Bishnu Rabha Kristi Sangha premises very recentlly. The book authored by Thaneswar Malakar,Deputy Commissioner of Udalguri district reflects the geography, art and culture and life style of people of this vast subcontinent the many parts which he visited till date on various occasions.
Releasing the book, Bora lauded the initiative of Malakar saying that an administrator like him has done a lot in the field of Assamese literature by authoring six books till date which are of high value. Speaking on the occasion, Haider Hussain,Chief Editor,Asomiya Pratidin, an Assamese daily from Guwahati said that books on travel basically the books written on the experience of travelling own country yield more knowledge to the readers compared to the travel books written on foreign trips as there are lots of place in our country worth travelling which must be made public to the readers.
It is to be noted that Malakar, Deputy Commissioner of Udalguri district has penned six books on various topics of literature till date.

Mysterious death of a housewife

Mysterious death of one newly wed lady named Mina Chouhan (23) wife of Jyotish Chouhan on the night of July 12,2011has created sensation in the locality. According to information,Jyotish Chouhan (25) son of Rajkumar Chouhan of the village Kenduri (No.1 Kalaigaon)under Kalaigaon police station had married Mina,daughter of late Lakhi Ram Chouhan of Dhekiajuli on May 17 this year. But the relation between the couple had never been co ordial since their marriage. According to villagers,Jyotish had never been happy with his marriage with Mina and was torturing her at any excuse.On the night of July 11 Mina had even made a phone call to her father and told him about her unwillingness to stay at husband's house. On the other hand Jyotish told media persons that she had fallen ill in the night and found to be dead at around 7 in the morning of July 12.But the villagers said that no doctor was called for her treatment. On receiving information family members of Mina had  arrived at Kalaigaon on July 12 and filed an FIR at Kalaigaon Police Station against Jyotish and his family. At the request of the relatives of Mina,Kalaigaon police arranged to send the dead body to Udalguri Civil Hospital for post mortem. Various social organizations of Kalaigaon have demanded proper investigation into the incident so as to find out the truth to book the guilty.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Financial aids to poor and sick students at Kalaigaon

 Financial aids to poor and sick students at Kalaigaon
Thaneswar Malakar,DC,Udalguri is seen awarding financial aid to a critically ill girl

Durgat Kalyan Nyas (DKN) a Kalaigaon based social organization distributed financial aids to ten meritorious students of Darrang and Udalguri district,who could not persue higher study due to financial problem. The organization also distributed financial aids to seven numbers of critically ill patients at the same function,named “Anya Ek Sadichar Abeli”at Kalaigaon on July 9. Founded in 2007 under the guidance civil servant DN Hazarika,DKN has been offering helping hands to numbers of poor and critically ill people. Lohit Chandra Nath,secretary DKN welcomed all the guests,students,patients and people at the beginning of the programme,which was organized at Kalaigaon Circle Office premises at 2 PM. DN Hazarika, founder of DKN presided over the programme.

Attending the programme as the chief guest,noted writter Thaneswar Malakar, Deputy Commissioner,Udalguri in his speech thanked the members of DKN, Kalaigaon.He also thanked its founder president DN Hazarika for his good and timely initiative in the matter.He remarked that our society is very much thankful to a few honest civil service officers who had been doing all the good works for the society unnoticed by the people.According to him Assamese literature had very much been enriched by the Assamese civil service officers during pre independance era.He appealed all to contribute at leat something minimum for others particularly for poor and critically ill people of the society.In this regard he advised people also to plant trees for wild birds and animals.He explained that the animal and birds would be vanished if people do not provide food and shelter for them.According to him a civil service officer could very much excelerate the pace of welfare in the society if he could mobilise public support and cooperation.

Several distinguished people namely-Nabin Chandra Boro,District Education Officer, Kokrajhar; social worker Kami Ram Saharia of Kalaigaon; Ghateswar Barua,of Tangla College; Dr.Ram Chandra Deka of Sipajhar College etc also spoke a few words on the occasion. The ten meritorious students who had been awarded an ampunt of rupees of two thousand each were- Pulin Deka,Lipika Kalita,Biju Daimari, Nitumoni Sarma,Dipjyoti Sarma,Himjyoti Tamuli,Binita Deka,Umesh Kumar Deka, Nazima Begum and Abhijit Rabha and the seven critically ill patients who had been awarded an amount of rupees three thousand were-Chandrama Deka,Mangali Daimari, Junu Nath,Bipin Chandra Boro,Pranita Nath,Phuleswari Boro and Nirada Boro.