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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Delayed construction of Kalanadi bridge at Bamunjuli resented

The delay in the construction of an RCC bridge over Kalanodi at Bamunjuli in Bhergaon Sub-division of Udalguri district been a serious concern of several villages namely- Kalikhola, Bamunjuli, Orangajuli, Nonoikhuti, Samrang etc, for several years.Situated 25 kms away from Tangla, construction work of the new RCC bridge over Kalanodi near Bamunjuli has been very slow, as alleged by the people of the locality. Being one of the most important PWD road,this Bamunjuli- Tangla PWD road,connecting Tangla, Kalaigaon, Paneri,Khoirabari, Dimakuchi and Bhergaon had been closed for nearly 15 years,causing untold misery to people. The old bridge over Kalanodi at Bamunjuli had been constructed by the British more than a century ago. It needs mention that the old steel bridge has been the second existing British made steel bridge in Both Udalguri and Darrang districts. The second one is still seen near Bhutiachang over Nonoi river. According to information received ,the construction work of the PWD road and the RCC bridge over the Kalanodi river near Bamunjuli was alloted to Rajsekhar Construction, Athgaon, Guwahati (estimated value Rs. 33 crore) four years back. But the said construction company had given sub contract of the construction work to another local contractor causing unnecessary delay. Only small portion of the works have been completed so far in long four years time.The media team members,who had visited the spot on July 21 saw just the beginning of construction work of three RCC pillars. The PWD department had done their job by just placing “Road Closed” sign boards on either side of the old steel bridge. But vehicular traffic has been continuing even at their own risk. This has posed big risks to commuters and passengers at any time. People of the locality urged BTC administration and Assam government to take steps so as to complete the work within this year.

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