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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

10 arrested for killing a Barking deer inside Khalingduar RF

 In a major breakthrough,the forest and SSB personal engazed in Khalingduar Reserve Forest in Bhergaon subdivision arrested 10 poachers for illegally killing a male barking deer inside the reserve forest in the evening hour on March 21.According to Haladhar Kalita,Range officer,Nonai Range office the following persons namely-Akbar Lakra,Bisna Haden,Phillip Toppo,Gaol Haren,Raju Toppo,Amal Naag,Sudua Orang,Sanjay Tirki,Suleman Kandona and Bahadur Orang had been caught red handed with the killed animal inside the reserve forest.10 bows and 30 arrows and 17 numbers of bicycles were also seized from the possesion of the accused persons.Postmortem was done by Dr.Sulov Sarma before forwarding the accused to Mangaldai jail on March 22.It needs mention that illegal poaching had nearly destroyed most of the flora and fauna of the Barnadi Wildfife Santuary and Khalingduar Reserve Forest in Bhergaon sub-division. Fortunately,the awareness campaign launched by ABSU and a few NGOs like Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society have shown positive results these days resulting the arrest of the poachers.Forest officials too have come forward to cooperate with common people and media for the protection of nature and wildlife.

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