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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kalaigaon LAC ready for Assam Assembly poll 2011

The 65 Kalaigaon LAC has been ready for the ensuing assembly election to be held on April 11,2011.As per the revised electorate rolls published recently, the LAC has 1,40,267 numbers of voters (male-72,905 and female-67,362) The numbers of new voters of the age group of 18 to 19 has been registered as 823.Dinamoni Das,ERO (Electorate Revision Officer) of 65 Kalaigaon LAC told this correspondent that on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee year of the Election Commission of India, all the new voters of the age group of 18-19 years would be given a voters certificate for the first time in the country.The certificate would be signed by the EROs of the LACs and would be very much useful as it would be considered as an important valid document supporting citizenship of India.The ERO said that Election Commission of India has decided to issue the certificates to new and young voters for greater participation for a stronger democracy.
On the arrangements for the smooth conduct of the assembly poll,Dina Moni Das, ERO of the LAC said that there would be 167 polling stations in the LAC.For the free and fair conduct of the poll,Girish Sarma,ADC,Darrang has been given the charge of RO (Returning Officer) and Dina Moni Das,Circle Officer,Kalaigaon has been appointed as the ARO respectively. It has also been made public that Kalaigaon constituency has been further divided into eight zones namely -No.1 Khoirabari (4 sectors);No.2 Khoirabari (3 sectors);Lakhimpur (4sectors);Kalaigaon (3sectors); Tokankata (2 sectors);Borpukhuri (2 sectors);Panbari (3 sectors) and Rajapukhuri (with 2 sectors).Zonal Officers and Sector Officers will supervise respective zone and sectors.In another move, Kumud Kalita,Deputy Commissioner,cum District Election Officer Darrang has ordered formation of Flying Squads in each of the LACs to be headed by the Circle Officers .The Officer In-Charge and three other police officers of various police stations will be the members of the Flying Squads.Such Flying Squads will monitor any kind of violation of election code of conduct in LAC level.
The District Election Officer has also directed the AROs to arrange LAC wise meetings with the political parties for free and fair conduct of the assembly election.

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