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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Guwahati Planetarium upgraded to Digital Hybrid

Guwahati Planetarium was inaugurated on 17 August in 1994.The opto-mechanical instrumental system was then acquired through international bidding process was also the state-of-the-art system prevailing at that time.Guwahati planetarium has recently been upgraded to Hybrid digital type (first in India and second in Asia) with an amount of rupees six crore.The upgradation was supervised by Assam Science Technology and Environment Council (ASTEC),Guwahati.The state-of-the-art Hybrid Planetarium System of GOTO,Japan consting of Chrones-II-optomachanical starfield projector which not only creates realistic sky but also millions of realistic stars generated through two powerful Digital Video System.
The Hybrid system in Guwahati Planetarium is Indias first ever venture.People will witness beautiful full dome video images never seen before in India.The show includes Guwahati city including Kamakhya temple,Bihu dance and mighty Brahmaputra river.People now can see details of the prominent stars and constellations visible from Guwahati.The show further explains scientific facts namely the Origin of the Universe,the Big Bang theory,Formation of Galaxies and our Solar System by using simultaneously Chronos II opto machinical projector and powerful digital video system.Other breathtaking Space Show namely-Cosmic Collisions will be the first time in India.Babul Bora,Curator of Guwahati planetarium told proudly that audiences would feel the ground shake beneath them as they are supposed to experience a thrilling recreation of the Meteorite impact that hastened the end of the Age of Dinosaurs millions years ago and cleared the way for mamals.Another dramatic sequence highlights a frightening future scenarion where humanity desperately attempts to divert the path of an oncoming “doomsday” asteroid headed on a collision course with Earth.Curator Babul Bora also remarked that such Hybrid show is not available in any planetarium in India.

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