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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Draft electorate rolls published in Assam

As per the direction of the Election Commission of India the draft electoral rolls for Udalguri district has been published on July 20 taking January 1 2010 as the base year. In a press conference convened by
S S Meenakshi Sundaram, DC and Returning Officer of Udalguri at his conference hall on July 19 at 4 pm, it was informed that the draft electoral rolls would be published for three LACs of the district, namely 64 Panery; 69 Udalguri (ST) and 70 Mazbat. Accordingly the draft rolls have been made public in the respective polling stations under the supervision of the concerned Circle Officers on July 20. The press release said that the last date for filling of claims and objections would be August 10 2010.Disposal of claims and objections would be settled on August 25 and the final draft rolls would be published on September 15 2010.
As per the declaration of the draft rolls for Udalguri district,the LAC wise voters are 119373 in 64 Panery; 122063 in 69 Udalguri (ST) and 113894 in 70 Mazbat while the total number of voters in the district is 355330 ( male 183199 and female 172131). The number D voters in the district is 11571.The number of polling stations in the district has gone up to 455 from previous 382. LAC wise polling stations are declared as -152 in 64 Panery (previously 130156 in 69 Udalguri (previously 133) and 142 in 70 Mazbat (previouly119).The projected population of the district as per the draft electoral rolls will be 646719 (male-331365 and female 315354).The location of polling stations have also been revised. In 64 Paneri LAC total numbers of polling stations will be 97 (urban -5 rural 92);in 69 Udalguri (ST) LAC- 121 (urban 5 rural 16) and in 70 Mazbat LAC-108 (urban 1 rural 107).
It needs mention that the draft rolls of 65 Kalaigaon LAC has not been shown with the new draft of Udalguri district as the LAC's draft rolls have been attached with the draft rolls of Darrang district. Although majority areas of 65 Kalaigaon LAC fall under Udalguri district and remaining areas fall in Darrang district;the LAC has been attached with Darrang for the smooth running of the election procedures.


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