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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Arms training for Orang NP forest staff arranged in India

An arms training camp has been arranged for 120 numbers of forest staff including permanent,fixed pay and casual workers of Orang National Park (Rajiv Gandhi NP)from October 26,2010 at Kurua firing range,Darrang.It has been organised under IRV 2020.The shooting training will be supervised under SP,Darrang and will continue for ten days. S.K.Daila,DFO,Orang National Park told this correspondent that each staff would be given five rounds for application firing on targets and marks would be awarded to the participants after which top twenty five performers would be rewarded after the training.It needs mention that this has ben the first ever sophisticated fire arms training arranged for the forest personals of Orang National Park.According to the DFO,Orang NP,such training will boost the confidance of the forest personals so as to prepare them to fight against poachers.At present,the Orang forest personals have been lacking training and weapon to counter poachers and other anti social elements.He further said that such training would be arranged every year to counter poachers.Amit Sarma of WWF also attended the inaugural ceremony of the arms traing along with DFO,Orang.

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