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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spectacular ending of 50th Bodo Sahitya Sabha at Udalguri

The 50th Bodo Sahitya Sabha,Udalguri session concluded at “Bwrigooma Fwthar”,the venue of the historic session on january 22.The session had started on January 19 and witnessed example of never before unity and discipline among people belonging to various communities. Millions of people visited 'Bwrigooma Fwthar” during the four days of the session.The most spectacular feature of the session was the maintainance of discipline in every field.Everything was done as precisely as planned.The 800 strong well displined boys and girls volunteers, clad in traditional Bodo costume virtually minimized the role of police.The well behaved volunteer boys and girls were ready to help and guide anybody.The session had been proved to be a live example of discipline and command for organizations of Assam like AASU, AJYCP, Asom Sahitya Sabha etc.Smoking in public,chewing of beetle nuts or paan,selling and drinking alcohol etc had been vanished for these days.
Attending the concluding days programme as the chief guest,noted writer and former president of Asom Sahitya Sabha Homen Borgohain said that the centuary had been the period of reneaussa for the Bodo people.According to him Asom Sahitya Sabha shoud learn discipline from Bodo Sahitya Sabha. Rong Bong Teran,president of Asom Sahitya Sabha attending the session as the guest of honor acknowledged the contribution of Bodo society in the development of Assamese culture and literature. Earlier,a grand cultural procession marked the beginning of the concluding days programme at 8 AM which was flagged off by Bonzar Daimari,Deputy Speaker,BTC.The open session which had been inaugurated by Tarun Gogoi,CM,Assam, was presided over by Dr.Kameswar Brahma,president,Bodo Sahitya Sabha.BTC chief Hagrama Mahilari also attended the historic session as the distinguished guest.The session feclicitaed Harishankar Brahma,Election Commissiner of India.
The ancient Bwrigooma of Udalgur ihad been gripped by an ecstatic frenzy.It had emotionally been charged up with the recalling of the past.The whole atmosphere had a canopy of delight on the occasion of the session and acquired a new identity -“Bwrigooma Fwthar”.Once upon a time,Udalguri and its adjoining areas up to Kalaigaon were under the influence of the Bhutias, who extracted revenue from the people ruled by Koch kings of Darrang.Finally the Koch king asked for the intervention of the Ahom kings,who annexed the Bhutia territory of Khalingduar up to the east of the Dhansiri river.The entrance through which the Bhutias entered for trade to Assam were known as Duars (Doors) It is known that there were seven such Duars (or doors) The prominent among the Duars (or doors) are -Khalingduar,Chariduar,Bwrigoomaduar,Kuriaparaduar,Naa-matiduar.The entrance of Udalguri and its adjoining areas from Bhutan was Bwrigoomaduar. It was after 27 years of its glorious past that this Bwrigooma,Udalguri  hosted the 50 th session of Bodo Sahitya Sabha.With the help and intense service of different communities,the session has created a new history by trying to tie all all the communities in one knot.For this reason Udalguri looked vibrant. A huge festive look had caste its spell over the whole Udalguri,a process of fostering goodwill and unity.

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