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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Science has social responsibility,says Dr.Duorah,former VC of Guwahati University

 “ Science has social responsibility and the scientists involved in scientific activities should always bear in mind that their creations must be used for the welfare of mankind.” This was said by Dr. Hiralal Duarah, the former vice chancellor of Gauhati University while addressing a well organized congregation of child scientists coming from various schools of Udalguri district here at the science exhibition organized by the office of the Inspector of Schools of Udalguri district here today at the Harimu Bhawan at Udalguri town under the ‘ Inspire Awards scheme’ sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Government of India to inspire the school children to popularize the innovative science among them.
 Dr. Duarah, who had been  the head of the department of Physics at the Gauhati University also lauded the innovative efforts of the school children with their science models on various themes from everyday life and said that they should continue their efforts with hard labour to contribute the world community to make the globe a comfortable living place for the future generation. The former vice chancellor also interacted with the selected students from  the various schools who were awarded Rs. 5000/- each under the Inspire award scheme for 2009-10.
            Earlier to this, addressing the students, teachers and guardians, Thaneswar Malakar, deputy commissioner of Udalguri district said that the government has  a goof number of schemes to explore the talents of the students and the concerned schools, guardians must take interest and initiatives to avail all such schemes to make their wards involve in the scientific activities. Significantly, the deputy commissioner said that even though the constitution of India has provided facilities for the welfare of the students belonging to the minority communities in the country, but due to the ignorance or lack of knowledge, only the Muslim minority community has been availing the facilities meant for the welfare of the minority while such facilities are also meant for other minority communities like the Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians etc. living in this country who have also been categorized as the minority communities like the Muslims. Therefore, he appealed to such communities to avail all these facilities like the Muslims in the region.
 In the day long session, five child scientists were selected by the judges for the state level science exhibition likely to be held within this year. The selected shild scientists are Pradumna Baruah of Khagara high school, Dupardipta Das of JNV, Udalguri, Rishi Das of Rowta Station high school, Himashri Choudhury of Orang HS school and Atlanta Das of Arunodoy Akademy, Tangla. Among them, Pradyumna Baruah of Khagara high school, Himashri Choudhury of Ornag HS school and Atalanta Das were selected and awarded on state and national level science exhibitions during the 2009-10 sessions with the same models they presented today and got selected again for the state level. Close sources informed that as per the guidelines of the concerned authority, the models presented by the child scientists must be fresh one every year on such occasions of selections.
            Meanwhile, it has come to light that  out of 68 selected students from the district, the first five selected students as per the serial numbers have not been able to receive the Inspire award worth Rs. 5000/- each which is regarded as an irresponsible act of the education department of the state government. Out of remaining 63 selected students, 54 were present today in the science exhibition.
            The whole session of science exhibition was conducted by M Banu, inspector of schools of Udalguri district while Ganseh Mochahary, secretary of Udalguri district Academic Council inaugurated the exhibition.

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