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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Straight contest between BPF and AGP in 65 Kalaigaon constituency in Assam

Voters of 65 Kalaigaon constituency,numbering 1,42,267 likely to witness a toughest ever contest between ruling BPF and AGP in the comming assembly poll on April 11.Although nine candidates are contesting in the constituency,actual fight will be limited among BPF,AGP and Congress.The contesting candidates are- Maheswar Boro (BPF);Mukunda Ram Choudhury (AGP);Rupa Rani Bhuan (Congress);Mridul Deka (BJP);Ramesh Chandra Deka (Trinamool Congress);Powal Chandra Borah (AUDF);Jitendra Chaliha (SUCI);Jyotipran Pathak (IND);Pabitra Deka (IND).But except BPF,AGP and Congress other candidates or parties have failed to draw voter's attention so far.
AGP candidate Mukunda Ram Choudhury has posed tough obstacle before Maheswar Boro of BPF this time. In the last assembly poll in 2006,BPF with 27,703 votes defeated AGP candidate (23,559 votes) by a margin of 4,111 votes.Rupa Rani Bhuan of Congress did not contest in 2006,but in 2001 she managed to score 16,777 votes as a candidate of Samajwadi Party securing third position.AUDF has placed Powal Chandra Borah as a weak candidate this time leaving 25,000 strong religious minority voters to choose either AGP or Congress.In 2006 assembly election AUDF candidate Matleb Ali secured 21,111 votes securing third position.Religious minority voters have realised their limitation to elect their own candidate from this constituency,but will decide the fate of the winning candidate this time.They are unlikely to vote in favour of BPF candidate,making the situation tough for BPF.(AMSU has openly opposed BPF).But BPF candidate Maheswar Boro enjoys the advantage of being the only tribal candidate likely to secure majority support of nearly 36,000 tribal votes.The BTC factor also will be an aditional advantage for BPF,as majority of non Boro voters living inside BTC are unlikely to oppose BPF rule for next four years.Moreover if majority of languistic minority voters (Bengali Hindus) numbering nearly 25,000 support BPF candidate, there will be no hurdle on BPF's way.
On the otherhand Mukunda Ram Choudhury enjoys the support of majority of the non BTC voters living outside BTAD.His additional advantage will be the support of religious minority voters too.But firebrand Congress candidate Rupa Rani Bhuan is seen mobilising support of religious minority people.Less than fifty percent support of which could very much seal the fate of AGP candidate.The open support of BPPF and UDPF to AGP candidate has of course been considered as plus poin for AGP.Everything will of course depend on the last minute decision of the religious and languaistic minority voters numbering nearly 50,000.But at this time tough contest has been seen bteween BPF and AGP followed by Congress in third position.

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