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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ashes of music maestro Dr.Bhupen Hazarika immersed in Noa and Nanoi at Kalaigaon & Tangla

People of Kalaigaon and Tangla paid homage to the ashes of legendary singer Dr.Bhupen Hazarika before immersing in Noa and Nanoi rivers at Kalaigaon and Tangla respectively. Pranjal Das,SDO (Civil), Bhergaon Sub-division accompanied by Pabitra Kumar Das,BDO,Kalaigaon and Ratul Pathak, BDO, Bhergaon formally received the earthen pot containing ashes of the legendary singer from the Udalguri district administration at Udalguri on November 10 at 2 PM. Several hundreds of people of Kalaigaon including AASU, ABSU,AJYCP, Nagarik Manch, Chambers of Commerce, Press Club Kalaigaon etc. received the ashes at Chintagaon village at 5 PM.The ashes were then brought to Yatri Jirani Chora,in front of Kalaigaon Police Station for public view.Various organizations including ISKON (Namhatta) Kalaigaon performed Kirtan during the processeion. A homage paying ceremony was arranged on the next day at 9 AM.Distingushed peoples namely – Lwmsrao Daimari, EM, BTC;Mukunda Ram Choudhuri,MLA, Kalaigaon; Jagadish Sarkar and Dandi Ram Rabha, MCLA, BTC; Pranjal Das,SDO (Civil), Bhergaon; Pabitra Kumar Das and Ratul Pathak,BDO of Kalaigaon and Bhergaon spoke a few word after offering floral tribute to late Dr. Hazarika. Habibar Rahman,OC,Kalaigaon Police Station;social workers Kami Ram Saharia, Mahendra Saikia,Bimal Prasad Sarma,Kamal Prasad Sarma,Dandi Kumar Boro,Kandeswar Deka, Principal, Kalaigaon HSS, Arabinda Das, Principal Kalaigaon HSS etc also attended the homage paying ceremony.The ashes were later taken in a huge procession through Kalaigaon town before immersing in the Noa river at 2 PM in presence of thousands people, civil and police officials.

At Tangla: People of Tangla also offered homage to the ashes of Dr Bhupen Hazarika. DN Hazarika,Circle Officer,Harisinga Revenue Circle,Tangla formally received the ashes from Udalguri district administration at Udalguri on November 10 at 1 PM. and placed at Tangla town for public homage at 4 PM.It needs mention that AASU,Nagarik Manch Tangla and BPF leader Jayanta Barua of Tangla had also brought another three ashes container from Guwahati and were placed togather for public homage for three days ie on 9,10 and 11 November. Various programmes including community prayer,Naam etc were arranged on all the three days. All the ashes containers were ceremoniously immersed in the Nonai river near Tangla town at 2 PM on November 12. More than three thousand people attended the procession leading to the immersion site. It is also known that people of Tangla will organise public “Shradh” of the departed singer on November 15 with daylong programme.

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