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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Workshop on transit of Venus 2012 at Kalaigaon

On the occasion of National Technology Day,2012, a workshop was held at Kalaigaon Girls High School on May 11 to discuss latest technological developments and to make people aware of the transit of Venus to be occurred on June 6. The programme was organised by the school itself in association with Aryabhatta Science Centre,Kalaigaon block. The workshop started at school play ground at 11 AM which was conducted by senior teacher Gajendra Saharia. All the students and teachers attended the discussion where ASC block co-ordinator JK Das demonstrated the use of latest scientific equipments like GPS (Global Position System),Solar Filter etc. On the occasion co-ordinator Das explained about the need of studying basic science so as to enable students and teachers the use of science in everyday life. According to him basic understanding of science is very much essential in our modern life. The basic knowledge of science could very much eradicate so many social evils like blind belief and superstitions etc. According to him lack of basic scientific knowledge have been posing several social menaces like witch hunting,dowry,rapid growth of population etc. He further request students and teachers to to watch the great celestial event of this century “Transit of Venus,2012” to be occurred on the morning of June 6 as per advices given by Vigyan Prasar and Pragjyotish Amateur Astronomers Association,Guwahati Planetarium. He handed over a set of related packet of watching material to the school. Science teacher Pramod Saharia and student Kabita Tanti also spoke a few words on the occasion

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