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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Young ISRO scientist visits Tangla school in Assam

A summertime youth seminar was held at Donbosco school, Tangla from July 12 to 15 on the focal theme “Let us be the agents of change”.The seminar was organized by Father Peter PA, Principal,Donbosco school Tangla. Students from villages and mostly from tea garden area attended the seminar where they were taught how to be a good and successful person in life. Several distinguished persons namely -Fr. Santosh Minj, Fr. Zaferinus Bakla, Fr. Paneracious Soren and Sister Jaeinta attended the seminar as the resource persons on all the four days. Eloi Bakhla,a NASA trained junior scientist of ISRO attended the seminar as special guest on July 13 to much delight of the students and teachers. While interacting with the students Eloi Bakhla requested students to remember first five letters of English alphabet ABCDE to achieve goals in life. According to him A stands for aim,B for base,C for confidence. D for discipline and E for efforts. He He also remarked that students coming from very poor families could do well in life as they had nothing to lose in their struggle while students coming from rich families never worked hard to achieve goals in life. It needs mention that Eloi Bakhla has been a top young scientist of ISRO. He has been given responsibility for the design of India's dream project Chandrayan-2 . Coming from a very poor family of Jharkhand, Eloi had to struggle very hard in childhood when he lost his parents. But he was determined to do something real in life and showed his ability by scoring highest marks in the NTSE examination. He secured second rank in the national level science exhibition. After completion of B.Tech from ISRO.He joined Aero-Space Division of ISRO. Presently he has been working with India-Russian combined project Chandrayan 2.Talking to this correspondent,Eloi Bakhla said that there would be two robots in the mission,one would be build by India while the other by Russia.

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