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Monday, November 19, 2012

Udalguri SP suggests use of 303 rifles by villagers to counter terrorism

“At least 45 thousands of 303 series rifles and nearly 10 lakhs rounds of its bullets are lying idle in various police armors in the state with the modernization of Assam police with AK series assault rifles. These arms are no use to army and paramilitary forces will automatically be damaged within short time and would have to be burned”. So said Debojit Deuri,Superintendent of police, Udalguri at Golondi Army Camp of the district recently. Talking to this correspondent on the occasion of 31st Raising Day of 159 Field Regiment, SP Deuri said that police alone can never control increasing numbers of extremist activities or anti-social elements including poachers equipped with grenades, automatic pistols,assault rifles etc. had been operating in the state posing serious challenge before police and security forces. Police cannot always guard all the people. According to him citizens must play a vital role to maintain law and order in the society. But challenging extremist or anti social elements with bare hands was impossible. He suggested that raising of new village protection forces in the line of VDP with proper training would very much help in maintaining peace in the society as well as would act as a successful counter to terrorism. He suggested that unused 303 rifles numbering more than 45 thousand could be given to these protection forces by changing existing concept of VDP. Young and trained people only be engaged after proper training in the villages in the line of Home Guards. He said that nearly 40 thousand licensed guns,which had been deposited in various police stations in Assam too would be damaged shortly.Owners would like to preserve them as mementos. SP Deuri remarked that the concept has successfully been used in Jammu & Kashmir to counter terrorism. Speaking on the use of tear gas shells ,SP remarked that tear gas must be replaced by laughing gas,as tear gas produced more anger.

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