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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Himalayan eagle rescued at Kalaigaon

An endangered Himalayan eagle was recently rescued near Kalaigaon. According to information a large unknown bird was first noticed by Mantu Deka and his friends in a paddy field at Dakhin Bokrajhar village at around 11 AM on February 3.The youths drew attention of a group of journalists on way to cover a panchayat election rally. Journalists namely -Imran Hussain,Rabindra Rabha and Girish Sarma immediately reported the matter to Hony.Wildlife Warden of Udalguri district and Officer -in-Charge of Kalaigaon Police Station.The bird was brought to Kalaigaon PS and treatment was given by vets. The large bird which was identified as a Himalayan eagle was not in a position to walk or fly. Experts said that the bird while was in the process of a long flight with others could have been dropped down to ground due to disease or starvation. Poisoning was also not ruled out.The bird bore no physical injury marks.It was later handed over to Nonai forest range office for treatment. People involved in the process of rescue of the Himalayan eagle hoped that the bird would fly again to join its family.

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