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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ramesh Chandra Saharia memorial lecture held at Tangla

Ramesh Chandra Saharia Memorial Lecture 2013 was held recently at Tangla on February 8 on the occasion of 31st death anniversary of late Ramesh Chandra Saharia of Tangla. Ramesh Chandra Saharia had been a well known social worker,educationalist and politician from undivided Darrang district. He had founded Tangla H School as its first head master. Later he had joined politics and became Home and Education Minister of Assam. The memorial ceremony was held at RC Saharia Teachers Training College at Tangla which was presided over by noted writter Idris Ali.Ramesh Chandra Saharia Memorial Committee and Education Trust organised the programme.Distinguished guests including -Basanta Das,Minister Assam; Rihon Daimari,MLA;Prthvi Raj Rabha (son of Kalaguru) etc offered floral tribute to the image of late Saharia to mark the begining of the memorial ceremony. Noted social worker and former chairperson of Woman Commission of Assam Mridula Saharia in her welcome speech recalled the contribution of her late husband while explaining present activities of Ramesh Saharia Memorial Education Trust.She said that a Teacher's Training College,a Para-medical Institute and a Law college had been established by the trust at Tangla for vocational training. Former minister of Assam ,Rihon Daimari presently MLA,Udalgurigratefully remembered Late Saharia for his contribution in the field of education.He stressed the need for giving importance to science education in Udalguri district.
Chief guest of the occasion,Basanta Das,Minister of State (IND),Fisheries,Printing and Janasanyog in his speech remarked that people specially youths of Udalguri and Darrang districts had been legging behind other districts in the field of employment and education.According to him officials and employees of these two districts could hardly be found in various departments in Assam secretariat because of backwardness among people in the field of education and technology. Running after the jobs of teacher or clerks younger people of Assam had caused economic backwardness.He said that local boys or girls were not willing to work skilled jobs like carpenter,mason,farmers etc paving easy way for outsiders to pump out millions of rupees from the state.The Minister thanked Mridula Saharia and Dipankar Saharia for the establishment of three institutions at Tangla namely -Law college, BED college and Para Medical Training Centre suitable for independent employment. Prithvi Raj Rabha ,Joint Director,Employment and Technical Education,Assam (son of Kalaguru late Bishnu Prasad Rabha) also attended the memorial ceremony as the appointed speaker. He spoke on employment oriented education courses or trades. According to him establishment of an Agricultural Campus in Udalguri district would be much meaningful. “There had been 3,81,52,000 unemployed persons in Assam as per 2010 report”,he said, suggesting establishment of vocational training centres to train for plumber or beautician etc. The memorial ceremony was also addressed by Santias Kunjur, EM,BTC and Dipankar Saharia,Coordinator,TERI (NE) Guwahati. Several distinguished people namely-Dr.Joykanta Saharia,Dr.Harakanta Das,Madhab Sarma,journalist Bhargab Kumar Das, industrialist Rajib Deka and noted dancer Bhanu Deka Saharia attended the ceremony. Satyendra Nath Chakravorty,Principal,Ramesh Chandra Saharia Teachers' Training College offered vote of thanks at the end.

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