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Friday, August 30, 2013

People rejoice at the saving of a dying wild tusker at Paneri

A wild tusker who had been battling for life after electrocution in Paneri tea garden was successfully treated to rejoin its herd yesterday evening on August 29. A team of veterinary doctors headed by noted veterinary surgeon Dr.Kushal Sarma,HOD, Surgery, College of Veterinary Science,Khanapara,Guwahati successfully treated the tusker to much delight of animal lovers and common people. According to information, the wild tusker aged 18 years was seriously injured when it came in contact with loosely erected live electric wires at section No.7 of Paneri tea garden on the night of August 28. Forest department was informed in the morning of August 29. The tusker battled hard in vain to stand up on its legs and finally settled down on the ground in a critical condition. It was known that tea garden authority removed all the evidences before the arrival of police and forest officials. Tea garden authority even pulled down the shed with the help of JCB so as to put the blame on the animal. Nirupam Hazarika,SDPO,Bhergaon; DN Hazarika,Circle Officer,Harisinga Revenue Circle;JK.Das,Hony.Wildlife Warden,Udalguri district inspected the site where Dr. Ranjan Kumar Sarma was giving primary treatment with the help of police and forest personnel. The tusker was too weak to accept food or water. Girindra Adhikari, DFO,Dhansiri Forest Division and elephant expert Dr.Kushal Sarma finally arrived at Paneri for better treatment of the animal. After administering several doses of injections attempts were made to make the elephant stand up with the help of JCB. It was a touching sight to see the tusker moving away slowly to rejoin its herd. Later Dr. Kushal Sarma told media that it had been a great achievement to treat and rescue the wild elephant in short time. He said that it would have been impossible to save the elephant the next day.He thanked all for saving the wild elephant. It needs mention that Dr.Kushal Sarma had visited various places of the district on August 26 including Bhutiachang,Hatigarh and Nonai along with Girindra Adhikari,DFO,DN Hazarika, Circle Officer,Harisinga Revenue Circle; Madhurjya Sarma,ACF,Dhansiri Forest Division; David Smith,WWF North Bank Landscape Programme,Tezpur and Jayanta K Das, Hony. Wildlife Warden of the district etc. where man-elephant conflict has taken serious turn.A high level discussion was also held at Nonai forest range office on August 26 to decide future action plan to mitigate man-elephant conflict.

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  1. WWF has been offering helping hands to Bornadi WLS and Khalingduar RF including camera trapping to know arrival of more species in the WLS and RF