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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New software for Dairy Co-operative Societies of Assam

A software named “PIIM” has recently been developed for use in various dairy co-operaive societies and has been successfully applied by the Department of Dairy Development, Govt. Of Assam under RKVY (Rastriya Krishi Vikash Yogana).The department has applied the newly developed software for efficient functioning of the many dairy co-operative societies in the state. The software was developed by Arindam Mani Das, Technology Consultant, Centre for Humanistic Development. PIIM (an Algerian word for milk) is an MIS(Management Information System) software and it will enable the diary cooperative societies of the various districts of Assam to generate reports and records properly. Arindam Mani Das is the grandson of nonagenarian freedom fighter and social worker Pani Ram Das of Kalaigaon.
People of Kalaigaon have expressed satisfaction at his success.


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